Tuft Bind’s Special Force

TigerTurf supplies the most technologically advanced synthetic grass in the industry. While partnered with Tencate, we are able to provide you with the best possible landscape products! TigerTurf synthetic grass has a tuft bind which enables it to be highly durable and withstand any kind of weather or activity.


Tuft bind is the force, measured in pounds, that is required to pull a tuft from the turf backing. 10 pounds or more of force is the typical tuft bind measurement for synthetic grass to pull the monofilament from the backing. An excellent tuft bind creates a rooted relationship between the synthetic grass yarns so the grass blades don’t detach.


During the synthetic grass construction process, urethane is coated to the back of the turf. In order for synthetic grass to have a secure and durable backing, the coating must be done with the right elements! It is important to understand that the tuft bind ensures the synthetic grass from disengaging!


The tuft bind is a vital process that makes TigerTurf synthetic grass one of the best and most resilient products in the industry. TigerTurf only uses Tencate yarns, which are crafted to be the most durable optimal choice for any synthetic grass landscape, making our products the leaders in quality!