Pairing Drought Tolerant Plants with Artificial Grass

While many cities have lifted the water restrictions placed on residents in areas affected by the drought, many are still looking into ways to save water. This trend isn’t just happening in California – many residents in the midwest and east coast are starting to pair native plants with artificial grass for a garden that would make Mother Nature jealous.

There are many other benefits from a water-saving lawn. By adding drought-tolerant or native plants to your garden, you can save time and money spent on the maintenance of the traditional lawn. These low maintenance lawns mean no fertilizer, pesticides, or mud.

Because artificial grass is so versatile, it leaves room for creativity. Many native plants are very colorful, which can be the perfect accent to any lawn!

Installing artificial grass will improve our air quality. One lawn mower emits as much pollution as 11 cars traveling for one hour, which contributes up to five percent of our pollution in the United States. The average lawn maintenance cost anywhere from $106-$310 a month-adding up to $1272-$3720 annually.

Your garden can still thrive with a combination of artificial turf and live, drought tolerant plants and flowers. Don’t worry about a contrast between your year-round green synthetic grass and live plants. Many of these plants are evergreen, so they’ll match your artificial turf all year round!