Featured Product: TigerTurf Multiplay Sport

Multiplay Sport is a versatile and durable artificial turf option that can fit in any active landscape area! Multiplay Sport features beautiful dual shades of field and olive green blade colors and an approximate height of 1.5”.

TigerTurf Multiplay Sport is specifically designed to withstand heavy amounts of foot traffic due to rough play and activity on the field. TigerTurf Multiplay Sport’s yarns are individually triple reinforced into the turf backing. This provides an extra resilience to pull force. Multiplay Sport’s backing is also perforated, allowing any and all liquids to drain faster than natural grass.

Any athlete can play or train on TigerTurf Multiplay sport! At TigerTurf, we guarantee that all of our products are non-toxic and lead-free.  Multiplay Sport is a safe landscape alternative for any field, playground or household.

Whether your sport requires an indoor or outdoor field, Multiplay Sport is the turf for you!