Sport, School, and Home Applications

We provide our clients and homeowners with the best synthetic grass products in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a sports field, school application or a new look for your home, TigerTurf offers a safe, fun and durable landscape alternative.

No matter the application, TigerTurf has got you covered! Partnered with Tencate, TigerTurf is capable of providing you with the highest most technologically advanced artificial turf products on the market, ensuring a beautiful and realistic lawn! Sport, school and home applications are perfect for artificial turf. At TigerTurf, we have various turf products ranging from different pile heights to beautiful green color tones, making sure we find the perfect artificial turf for your specific application.

All durability levels work great with TigerTurf Multiplay, creating a fun and safe landscape option for athletes or anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. When it comes to school applications we recommend products with higher face weights, allowing for high levels of foot traffic so kids can enjoy themselves in a fun and durable environment. Our Diamond and Everglade series would work perfectly for any school landscape.

Home applications require turf that is suitable for your lifestyle. Laid back homeowners enjoy a taller pile height, creating a plush and luxurious lawn, while others who enjoy entertaining their gets would prefer a turf that has a bit more or a shorter yet higher pile height.

All of our products are non-toxic and lead-free, making it a perfect landscaping alternative. Backed by our 15-year warranty, TigerTurf guarantees your synthetic grass lawn will last you for years to come.