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Artificial Grass is Perfect for Playgrounds

For those who have little ones running around in the backyard or are in the position to provide a safe landscape for children, synthetic grass is the perfect choice for any playground area. Unlike real grass which can have dangerous uneven surfaces, release allergens, harbor bugs, and insects, and lack cushioning, artificial turf offers a […]

Installing Artificial Turf & Avoiding Allergies

When we hear the word “spring”, we correlate it with allergy season. With all the pollination and pesky allergens in the air, it’s a good time to review the pros that an artificial grass lawn can provide. Real grass releases many allergens that can cause a great deal of discomfort – especially to children and […]

Stay Active with TigerTurf Multiplay Sport

For those who love to stay active, have kids or pets, Multiplay Sport is an awesome product that will create a fun and safe landscape for any kind of activity. Multiplay Sport was designed specifically for sports application to enhance recovery so that your turf can handle the roughest of play! Each grass blade has […]

Easy Maintenance with TigerTurf

The ease of cleaning and maintaining your synthetic grass lawn is almost too good to be true. A real grass lawn requires hard labor and too much time and money. TigerTurf provides a beautiful and easy landscape alternative that will eliminate the troublesome tasks that coincide with a natural lawn. Artificial grass lawns that need […]

Turf Terminology: Top 10 Terms You Should Know

When it comes to artificial grass, there are many valuable terms that we should be aware of when installing or overseeing a synthetic grass project. Knowing the proper terminology for a synthetic grass installation job will aid in creating and perfecting a beautiful and everlasting turf lawn! Here are the top 10 terms you should […]

Recommended Infills for Pet Turf Installations

There are many misconceptions about artificial turf infill and its usage. When it comes to pet turf installations, there are two main infills that help aid in odor and the spreading of bacteria caused by pet urine. Infill is an important variable you need to consider when deciding to pursue a pet turf installation as […]

Spiders, Rabbits, and Bugs – Oh My!

Rabbits, moles, mice, spiders, and bugs. They make maintaining a traditional lawn painful. All that heavy use of pesticides to keep them out, and your lawn perfect, is taking a toll on your wallet and spare time. That maintenance can be thrown out the window with artificial grass! Pests can’t thrive on synthetic turf. They […]

Pairing Drought Tolerant Plants with Artificial Grass

While many cities have lifted the water restrictions placed on residents in areas affected by the drought, many are still looking into ways to save water. This trend isn’t just happening in California – many residents in the midwest and east coast are starting to pair native plants with artificial grass for a garden that […]

TigerTurf Pet Turf – Comfortable and Durable

Anyone who has a pet understands that they come with a separate set of responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is keeping our furry friend safe. Our Pet Turf is designed for comfort and durability, able to withstand any sized breed. Our TigerTurf Pet turf features field and lime green grass blades, a 1” pile height, […]

Product Feature: Everglade Spring Pro

Everglade Spring Pro is a top turf choice among certified landscape contractors across the nation! Featured in dual field and lime green color tones, the polyethylene grass blades are soft to the touch but tough enough to last in heavy foot traffic. This product features a 75-ounce face weight and stands at 1.75 inches tall […]