Easy Maintenance with TigerTurf

The ease of cleaning and maintaining your synthetic grass lawn is almost too good to be true. A real grass lawn requires hard labor and too much time and money. TigerTurf provides a beautiful and easy landscape alternative that will eliminate the troublesome tasks that coincide with a natural lawn.

Artificial grass lawns that need to cope with playful pets and/or children might require a little more cleanup effort. On the other hand, yards that lack vegetation or have limited foot traffic makes maintenance a much faster process! Here are some fast and easy steps to caring for your artificial grass lawn!

·         Clear debris: Use a rake or leaf blower to clear off fallen leaves, branches, and other rotting debris that may land on top of their artificial grass. This will help your grass maintain a clean and groomed look.
·         All you need is a little water: Gently spray down your lawn each week with a hose to remove dust, dirt, or pollen. Occasionally watering your synthetic grass lawn also helps prevent unequal distributions of infill. Our artificial grass is stain resistant and most spills can be washed away with a bit of water.
·         Furry friend clean up: cleaning up their solid waste is just as easy as on real grass. Following pick up, hose down the target area. Weekly rinsing will help your lawn smell fresh and odor free!

TigerTurf artificial grass allows you to enjoy your backyard with peace of mind. Say goodbye to that undesirable real grass and hello to a low-maintenance synthetic grass lawn.