Fall Into the Swing of Things

Fall has finally arrived and it’s time to consider the characteristics that make fall such a unique season. Leaves change into beautiful bright colors, but they also end up crowding our synthetic grass lawns after they fall from the trees. Luckily, synthetic grass is simple and easy to maintain! With busy schedules and transitioning weather, synthetic grass lawns will require little to no work. A little maintenance goes a long way for your synthetic grass lawn.

With artificial turf, you never have to worry about leaves, weather, spills, or heavy foot traffic ruining your lawn. Simple small fixes will keep your synthetic grass lawn looking spic and span! Leaves are everywhere once fall rolls around and if you’re one that likes a cleaned and groomed looking lawn, using a rake or leaf blower will do just the trick. Forget the rake with your synthetic grass!

As the seasons change, the wind will blow particles like dust, pollen, and dirt onto your lawn. Gently spray your synthetic grass lawn with water to easily wash away any debris that has settled. A quick rinse once a week should do the trick to leave your lawn looking nice and clean!

If you are a pet owner, messes are nothing out of the ordinary. Cleaning up after your furry friend is just as easy on a synthetic grass lawn.  Your typical cleaning regime will work just fine on your TigerTurf lawn. After clean up, hose down the designated area with some water and you’re good to go! TigerTurf also offers Zeolite Max and Turf Fresh to help with any future odors caused by your pets!

TigerTurf provides a low maintenance, high quality and natural looking turf for all landscape areas!