Installing Artificial Turf & Avoiding Allergies

When we hear the word “spring”, we correlate it with allergy season. With all the pollination and pesky allergens in the air, it’s a good time to review the pros that an artificial grass lawn can provide. Real grass releases many allergens that can cause a great deal of discomfort – especially to children and pets. Artificial grass provides a safe and beautiful landscape that is free of all grass related allergens.

During the spring and summer seasons, grass pollen is at its worst and can cause various types of irritants, including exacerbating asthma. Mowing a real grass lawn also releases tons of pollen into the air that can cause stuffy noses, itchy and watery eyes, scratchy throats etc. Synthetic grass lawns are all lead-free, hypoallergenic and pet and child-friendly!

Installing a synthetic grass lawn during or even before these spring and summer months is highly beneficial in order to avoid any allergen discomfort! Switch to a synthetic grass lawn today. All of our turf is guaranteed with a 15-year warranty that will guarantee you a beautiful and plush for many years to come.