Playscapes- A Safe Landscape Alternative for Kids!

Imagine your little ones running around in your backyard and one of them falls and hurts themselves due to an uneven patch, ouch! It is important to be aware your kids require a friendly and safe play area for their outdoor activities. Synthetic grass supplies a wonderful landscape that the whole family can enjoy! Children of all ages will feel free to run around, play games and relax on our playground system.  TigerTurf ensures play time will be exciting and fun by guaranteeing a clean and durable landscape alternative for playground surfaces.

TigerTurf’s playground system safety is accompanied by Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Underpad which is installed directly under the turf to ensure additional shock absorbency! Available in 1” and 2” cushions and made out of recycled material, the underpad helps assure children’s well-being.

Our TigerTurf Play is the ideal surface for any outdoor activity that is constructed to withstand the toughest and roughest play! TigerPlay’s design creates a soft, natural looking, non-abrasive surface for a safe and dependable playground. In addition to its safety features, TigerPlay rids the fear of an unappealing asphalt or concrete playground area. Created to have a lush green look along with its resilience makes our playground system the best-suited landscape for any play area!