Recommended Infills for Pet Turf Installations

There are many misconceptions about artificial turf infill and its usage. When it comes to pet turf installations, there are two main infills that help aid in odor and the spreading of bacteria caused by pet urine. Infill is an important variable you need to consider when deciding to pursue a pet turf installation as your landscaping alternative.

Below are two of the best-recommended infills:

Durafill is an acrylic coated silica sand that contains Microband, which helps stop spore growth and migration of bacterial enzymes. This antimicrobial technology is infused within the coated sand, adding a level of protection to stray from mold, mildew, stains, and odors. Durafill is a non-toxic coated sand that will not absorb urine and can be rinsed or disinfected. This infill comes in natural earth and green tones made of silicone dioxide granules and stays relatively cool during those hot sunny days!

Zeolite Max is a granular that helps take ammonia levels out of pet urine. Installing it under the turf is highly recommended! Zeolite Max uniquely carries negatively charged ions which is the key ingredient that aids in preventing ammonia from turning into a gas, thus terminating any odor. Zeolite Max is also non-toxic and perfectly safe for pets and children.

Choosing the correct products is crucial for any artificial turf lawn. Prevent future unfortunate odors by adding Durafill and Zeolite to your pet turf installation!