Spiders, Rabbits, and Bugs – Oh My!

Rabbits, moles, mice, spiders, and bugs. They make maintaining a traditional lawn painful.
All that heavy use of pesticides to keep them out, and your lawn perfect, is taking a toll on your wallet and spare time.

That maintenance can be thrown out the window with artificial grass! Pests can’t thrive on synthetic turf. They have limited access to soil, little or no plant-based food, and artificial grass is bacteria resistant.

And what about all that standing water? When a yard is being prepared for installation, the ground is leveled as much as possible to reduce the amount of dips and valleys. The soil is then covered with a fine layer of decomposed granite or class II road base (crushed concrete) to evenly fill in the soil. A drainage system is put in place which helps to eliminate any standing water, preventing a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

Small animals like rabbits, moles, and mice feed on the tender shoots of grass as they emerge from the ground. By cutting off the access to soil, your lawn will no longer be in danger of thinning out or becoming barren.

Synthetic grass can give you a low-maintenance, pest-free lawn without the baggage of a traditional one!