TigerCool™ Helps Beat the Heat this Summer

Now that summer is just around the corner, it is important to stay cool and refreshed when those uncomfortable hot days approach. Our TigerCool products create a cooler fresh looking lawn. Heat Reflective technology is engineered into the yarns in order to reduce surface temperatures as well as advanced U.V. inhibitors, which are the latest features in our cooling improvements. Once the turf blades absorb invisible infrared light, TigerCool allows for those rays to be reflected. No need to think twice about sitting on your lawn when it’s hot out, our TigerCool products reduce turf temperatures by 30 percent and up to 17 degrees!

TigerCool turf is created with the latest synthetic technology by Tencate, a worldwide innovator of space-age yarn for NASA and Boeing. With top of the line products, we are able to provide our customers with the finest turf available. Our TigerCool technology is featured in our signature top selling turf lines: Diamond, and Marquee. It is perfect for any residential, commercial or park landscape, and just like all of our turf products it creates and fun and safe area for kids and pets!

Think of the perfect turf that just got a whole lot better! TigerCool not only provides you with a lush green lawn that you can see but a beautiful cool lawn that you can feel and enjoy! This product’s top of the line technology guarantees a long playful day out in the sun that will fulfill any outdoor plan or activity. TigerCool makes any outdoor occasion a cool and pleasant experience. Don’t let the summer heat ruin your fun and make the switch to TigerCool! Available exclusively through Synthetic Grass Warehouse