Turf Terminology: Top 10 Terms You Should Know

When it comes to artificial grass, there are many valuable terms that we should be aware of when installing or overseeing a synthetic grass project. Knowing the proper terminology for a synthetic grass installation job will aid in creating and perfecting a beautiful and everlasting turf lawn! Here are the top 10 terms you should know:

·         Denier: A unit of linear mass density of fibers
·         Infill: The sand or rubber used on top of turf between fibers for ballast and cushion. TigerTurf features Durafill and Zeolite Max as great infill options!
·         Extrusion: The process of transforming liquid plastic into individual solid fibers by pushing the liquid plastic through a fixed cross-sectional profile that is designed to form each individual blade of turf. For example: A turf can be extruded with a ‘W’ shaped profile
·         Face Weight: The weight of fibers within the product, not including the weight of the backing. The general measurement is weighed in ounces per square yard. Greater face weight means denser product.
·         Gauge: The distance between stitch rows. Depending on the product’s weight, a ½ inch gauge or less is optimal
·         Polyethylene: Softest of plastics and used in most face yarns
·         Polypropylene: A more coarse plastic and is used in thatch yarn or sand-filled putting greens
·         Polyurethane: Used as a coating on backing to lock in fibers
·         Thatch: Textured yarn used with different colors that is situated below the face yarn to enhance recovery. TigerTurf features brown & green thatch colors for a more naturalistic appearance!
·         Tuft Bind: The force that is required to pull a tufted blade out of the backing