Alternative Landscape Solutions
Commercial Turf
Alternative Landscape Solutions
Commercial Turf


The striking appearance and minimal upkeep are what make our TigerTurf lawns ideal for any commercial environment. When your commercial property is surrounded by a lush green setting, you are not only adding value to your infrastructure’s image but increasing both employee and patron morale. By positioning your business with our product, you are guaranteed to stand out amongst the mundane concrete backdrop of a typical organization. Having a synthetic landscape surround your institute is not only visually appealing, but most importantly, time & cost effective. The demanding upkeep natural lawns require is invasive, unsightly, and unnecessary. Our TigerTurf Lawn will significantly reduce your previous water, gardening, and upkeep related bills. No matter how complex your landscaping needs, rest assured, TigerTurf products will go above and beyond.

Unmatched durability 

TigerTurf U.S. manufactures the best turf in the industry. With years of research and development, both in the lab and in the field, we believe there’s no comparison. We are so confident in our products that we provide a 15-year manufacturer warranty to back it up and protect against any issues that might arise for installers and for customers.

Perfect For Businesses

Increase Your Business Value

When you invest in a lush, artificial grass lawn for your business you give new life to your place of business.

Turf for Any Application

Whether you’re installing for business, education, municipal, or industrial, you can create a beautiful, low maintenance space.

Get Repeat Customers

People are drawn to and are more productive in a beautiful environment. Create that space that will allow customers to thrive with artificial grass.

Built Durable for Any Application



We are proud of our turf and we want you be as well. We have a top-rated customer support system and will commit to your landscaping needs without delay. We appreciate your business, and we believe the best way to say thank you is by providing you with the care you deserve.

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