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TigerTurf Sports Turf for the Optimum Gym Surface

TigerTurf sports turf in gyms provides an optimum surface for resistance training, adding splashes of colour to define workout areas, and for long term hygiene and easy cleaning.

Our durable, well-designed turf is the product of intensive research and testing that can transform uninspiring functional areas into vivid, attractive exercise areas to work out in. You imagine it; we can make it happen.

The easy to maintain surfaces means no stinky workout rooms, grey concrete or dull areas in your gym. You can achieve inviting, energised and totally individual designs that will customise your gym and create the environment where your members love to be.

Resistance training on TigerTurf sports turfs

Our top-quality TigerTurf Wett Pro is highly recommended for our gym customers and has performed well for resistance training such as sled push/pull, high impact conditioning and indoor field training. Wett Pro is a non-directional product, allowing gym equipment to slide smoothly across the surface evenly and in any direction, thanks to the advanced monofilament fibre technology used in developing this remarkable turf.

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TigerTurf Wett Pro is tough enough for your gym

TigerTurf Wett Pro will outlast any other turf product on the market and will certainly perform when it comes to longevity. In comparison to other gym floorings, Wett Pro is stronger and much less likely to part at the seams, as carpet tends to do overtime with equipment being dragged over it.

The durability and lasting performance of Wett Pro has been well proven by years of hard use on our hockey pitches. Hockey facilities are in play every day of the week for concentrated training and competitions – for which TigerTurf Wett Pro is by far the best surface.

Our gym customers use TigerTurf Wett Pro and TigerTurf Advantage for skills training too. Quick turns, slides and sudden stops will not damage our surfaces, which have been designed for such use and are also non-slip for safety.

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TigerTurf Advantage for sled training and general gym use

Gym owners will appreciate the hardwearing, high-performance qualities of TigerTurf Advantage. One of our top selling products for very good reasons, Advantage was produced by our advanced technical research and development team as a multi-use sports turf suitable for many sports as well as general gym use. The durable structure of the Advantage turf surface makes it ideal to withstand the rigours of daily use. This product can also be used for resistance training, high impact and indoor field sports.

TigerTurf surfaces create character and colour in your gym

Colourful TigerTurf surfaces can define and separate workout areas throughout your gym. The positive effect of colours helps stimulate energy and interest which fires up the enthusiasm of your customers as they come to do their work-out. TigerTurf can work with you on a plan that fulfils all your practical requirements and brings warmth and personality into your gym.

General uses of TigerTurf within gym facilities

TigerTurf Trophy is a multi-purpose surface suitable for general gym use.  Its longer pile can be used to great effect in creating textured effects to break up large areas. Softer to the touch, with a longer pile, it could be used for pathways to guide gym users around work out areas you’d rather they didn’t walk through.

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TigerTurf Trophy is the best turf you could use in the children’s gym area. It is natural for children to roll and play on grass, and this soft synthetic grass surface can be designed and made with colourful images within the surface. You can also choose to have a safety pad installed beneath the surface for peace of mind. In terms of hygiene, Trophy is easily kept clean and fresh during frequent use.

Talk to us about other areas you’d like to install turf in and we can advise you on the best product for each activity.

Sports training indoors on synthetic surfaces

Most skill training for sports is carried out on turf these days. We can install these with a shock-absorbent pad beneath to cater for a softer feel and longevity of the product.

We often install TigerTurf for running or sled tracks. These are made up with permanent lines to mark out the areas unique to our customers’ requirements.

The line-markings can be manufactured at our factory or made up on-site, before installation or delivery to your gym.

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We are usually asked for vertical lines to form lanes or edges and can add small horizontal notches at measured intervals along the vertical lines. We can also insert numerals or words into the turf, and create patterns and shapes using different coloured turfs. These are eye-catching and very popular for use in gyms.

Customise your gym with a personalised TigerTurf plan

Ask TigerTurf about featuring your brand logo in the turf surface. This really does look impressive and will set your gym apart from the rest with individuality and flair.

You can create a distinctive, themed look throughout your gym to reflect your brand very easily, using durable, coloured synthetic surfaces that are easy to keep fresh and clean.

TigerTurf fire-rated product

Most gym areas are indoors so TigerTurf has covered all angles by putting our turf through the relevant tests to make sure we comply with Fire Safety Standards. All of TigerTurf’s products require some sand infill to meet fire safety regulations.  Different buildings have separate requirements so please check with your TigerTurf rep for the right certification.

Hygienic TigerTurf synthetic surfaces are a breeze to keep clean

Fresh clean TigerTurf surfaces don’t absorb odours as carpets and mats tend to do – and burning up energy does leave lingering side effects. Dispel the stinky gym problem by installing TigerTurf synthetic turf. These can be laid directly over concrete or over a rubber mat – talk to us about what will work best for you in terms of how you’d like to use the product.

You don’t need to wheel in machinery to clean our turf either – usually, a squirt of a recommended cleaner, water, and a stiff broom restores the surface to its immaculate finish, so you can relax and enjoy the Zen effect of fresh green grass for very little effort.

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