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Multi-sport synthetic grass made by TigerTurf

TigerTurf’s multi-sport synthetic grass is transforming tired school grounds into brilliant, all-weather, multi-sport playgrounds, bringing significant benefits to schools and tertiary facilities worldwide.

  • These multi-purpose playgrounds and sports facilities encourage children to be more active and to play sports.
  • Synthetic grass is safe for children to play on even in rain.
  • A typical TigerTurf multi-use installation may include line markings for hockey, tennis, netball and more, even a running track.
  • Flexible netting can divide the area, allowing several different activities on the turf surface simultaneously.


Multi-sport synthetic grasses for sport, play and recreation

There are three distinct multi-sport synthetic grass options for schools and tertiary providers that you can use in combination or independently:

  • Versatile multi-sport surfaces enabling schools to include several activities such as tennis, netball, hockey, football, cricket and basketball. We also install these multi-purpose turf areas in home gardens as all-weather surfaces for practising sports on at home.
  • Synthetic sports fields using a longer pile multi-sport surface that replicates the playing performance and feel of natural turf fields. These synthetic grass fields are ideal for football, rugby, AFL, and futsal.
  • TigerTurf’s landscape grass for passive and recreational areas, creating attractive all-weather, low-maintenance outdoor areas where students can meet, relax or study.


Multi-Sport Products

TigerTurf Classic synthetic turf is an excellent, hard-wearing surface for junior schools. It is especially manufactured to accommodate all the games,…


Tournament multi-sport turf is the ideal surface for developing the skills needed for different sports activities and games.

Tiger Turf Tournament 1000 synthetic grass is TigerTurf’s most popular multi-use surface and has been specified for schools in Australia and…


TigerTurf Elite is a medium-length, polypropylene fibrillated surface designed to be filled with sand. Available in different colours, this is a top…


TigerTurf’s Trophy hockey turf is a dressed surface designed for hockey facilities that do not wish to water their surfaces, yet want to offer…


TigerTurf’s Advantage is the most advanced and durable tennis surface TigerTurf has made to date. It is an extremely hard-wearing, medium-pile…


TigerTurf’s Evo Pro artificial grass turf takes its DNA from the very successful WETT Dressed hockey turf product. The Evo Pro turf is a product…


TigerTurf Endurance Play for schools uses the same highly durable XP Pro yarn designed for high usage sports fields, but with a backing system more…


Multi-Sport Case Studies

Irymple South Primary School

A COLA was built over the area and TigerTurf worked with the school regarding the best design and surface for the various uses of the new turf. The…


All Saints Catholic Primary School

What were the School’s requirements?

The school wanted the court to become the…


St Patrick’s Parish Primary School

What was the problem?

TigerTurf installed a brilliantly coloured new playing surface…


Corowa Public School

Corowa Public School needed to do something about the broken, uneven concrete courts at the front of the school. The school needed a safe, level sports…


Port Dalrymple School

TigerTurf was asked to plan an all-weather sports turf for Port Dalrymple School that would transform a large, uneven, unused area into a bright useful…


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