Encouraging sports and recreation in our schools is high on the curriculum, teaching new skills, to be active, about health and fitness. Sport teaches strategy and planning, about being a team player, it exposes children to winning and losing. It's about focus, drive and determination, feeling exhilarated, feeling deflated, wanting more, wanting to be better, wanting to be the best.

Whatever the sport, whatever the weather, TigerTurf's versatile synthetic turf sports surfaces are the best place to play.

Providing the best possible sports facilities will inspire students, with the passion to participate in outdoor activities and encourage them to keep coming back.
TigerTurf’s synthetic turf surfaces are the perfect foundation on which to develop the passion, the skills, the talents of tomorrow’s athletes.
And, with a range of flexible options to suit any school’s requirements, TigerTurf is your perfect sporting partner.

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TigerTurf's all-weather artificial grass surfaces for sports and recreation; making every surface count.

When it comes time to upgrade your sports courts and fields, choosing an artificial turf or astrograss surface is usually one of the options considered. At TigerTurf, we are committed to delivering top-quality, safe, reliable synthetic turf systems that you, your communities and TigerTurf are proud of. We have 8 synthetic turf options: // Multi-sport & Tennis surfaces // Hockey surfaces // Football & Rugby surfaces // Cricket surfaces // Athletics surfaces // Gym surfaces // Playground surfaces // Landscaping lawns

Why TigerTurf synthetic turf is better than the rest

When you purchase a TigerTurf synthetic sports turf you can be confident you are working with Australia’s most experienced, most trusted manufacturer and supplier. Beginning in New Zealand and launched into Australia over 30 years ago, with a continuous focus on innovation, product quality, performance, and customer service, TigerTurf Australia is considered the leader in synthetic sports systems for schools, sports clubs, and community facilities.


Experience and Expertise

TigerTurf introduced multi-sports surfaces into schools in 1992 with the first artificial grass sports courts laid at St Cuthbert's College in Auckland. Since then, we have led the way with innovative new surfaces for a range of sports and recreation purposes and are continuously looking to improve the safety, durability and performance of our surfaces.


Meets International Standards

Our sports surfaces meet the highest performance standards required by World Sporting Bodies including FIFA, World Rugby, FIH & ITF.


Quality Control & Product Warranty

We design and manufacture, install and maintain our durable, high performance synthetic sports turf. With control over the entire production process, from yarn extrusion to installation and maintenance, we can monitor the quality and durability of our turfs throughout the life-cycle of the product.


Made to meet Australia's variable conditions

TigerTurf has been manufacturing synthetic turf products in since 1981. We manufacture our artificial grass in Auckland and use only durable, high performing TenCate fibres and backings. If you want your school to have the best, then you can count on TigerTurf.

How a TigerTurf facility can transform your school

// TigerTurf’s multi-sport surfaces provide the performance features required to support several sports codes on just one surface // The soft and inviting surfaces encourage students to be more active and competitive and to develop their talents on safe, consistent surfaces // The synthetic turf encourages students to extend themselves, developing the skills and abilities that enable them to compete at the highest levels // The durable surfaces will last for many years, becoming a valuable long-term asset for the school // TigerTurf has been manufactured in NZ for almost 40 years and is ISO 9001 certified so you can be confident in our quality and expertise

TigerTurf designs, builds, manufactures, installs and maintains its durable, high performance synthetic sports turf systems

Most of TigerTurf’s synthetic turf installation are custom-designed and manufactured. TigerTurf’s design and operations team constructs our bases to meet the specifications of a high performing sports turf. TigerTurf artificial grass sport surfaces are manufactured from the world’s best yarns, developed by TenCate Grass. TigerTurf artificial grass turf is installed by experienced, trained fitters working to exacting standards. TigerTurf installers will produce the very best performance from your artificial turf surface. TigerTurf’s maintenance procedures will not only improve how the synthetic turf surface plays but will also extend its life span.


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