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Producing & Building Responsibly

Sustainability practices at TigerTurf

We recognise that our operations have an impact on the environment and we are determined to minimise that impact. We do that by reducing our carbon emissions, improving our energy efficiency, and reducing our waste.

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Increase Energy Efficiency

To reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint, we have set the target to increase energy-efficiency by 20% before 2028. We do this by continuing to invest in energy-saving measures, such as:

  • Converting our manufacturing facility from town water to water captured from our own roof
  • Switching to LED lighting and evaluating the implementation of solar panels
  • Modifying production processes to increase energy efficiency

Zero Waste to Landfill

Waste management is critical towards becoming a certified production facility.. That’s why we focus on becoming Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) certified for all our methods than landfill. To reach that goal, 75% of our waste needs to be diverted through other methods than waste to energy. We do this for example by:

  • Selecting raw materials that can be more easily recycled for end of life reuse
  • Partnering & Investing in plastic recycling processes
  • Improving waste segregation
  • Building partnerships with waste collectors and recycling companies to recycle or repurpose our production waste materials

Circular Innovation

Another initiative for TigerTurf is to become neutral with regards to the weight of new plastic products we produce each year vs the net weight of plastic we divert from landfill each year, we do this through our patented base and sports pad product ecocept®

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