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Innovation in TigerTurf artificial turfs

Innovation, research and testing of artificial turfs are at the core of TigerTurf’s business. We are constantly developing new artificial turf products and improving our current sports surfaces. Major innovations in synthetic sport turfs are driving dramatic market growth as the potential of artificial turfs is explored.

Artificial turf manufacturers such as TigerTurf have effected vast improvements in the quality and characteristics of synthetic grass.

Our innovations in yarn quality, manufacturing and construction techniques have produced hockey turfs that play like a wet turf but need no water; cricket turfs with true bounce and spin, mimicking the ball performance of the best natural cricketing turfs; tennis turfs that give you consistent bounce and good grip; and football and rugby turfs that replicate the best natural grass fields with soft, non-abrasive fibres.

The need for children’s playground surfaces with soft fall characteristics led to artificial turf and underlay designed for that purpose. As a bonus, this artificial turf requires minimal sand infill, which reduces the possibility of sand being carried indoors.

We make it our business to challenge the design parameters of our sports turfs so we can enhance our product performance and durability and improve your sporting experience.

To realise these goals TigerTurf works closely with


Testing and assessing artificial turfs for sports

TigerTurf, an international company, has research and development offices at each of our major operations, with a dedicated Development Centre in the UK. This research and development network creates products and systems that can be tested for specialised performance, taking into account the varying demands of the local conditions wherever our products are used.

Our design teams focus on building integrated sports systems, with every component of our turfs combining to boost your performance on a safe, durable surface. This development has many facets:

TigerTurf’s UK Development Centre consists of the Design Centre, a fully equipped Sports Testing Laboratory and an Environmental Testing Laboratory.


TigerTurf Product Design Centre

Our Product Design Centre has tufting and coating production machinery that is able to replicate the production capabilities of every TigerTurf factory around the world. Here, we are able to use design theory in the manufacture of prototype turf products that are tested and refined until they meet our rigorous quality standards.

This facility not only allows product quality assessment, but also adjusts the manufacturing process as appropriate for each TigerTurf factory. Our production operatives are trained here too, so all our turf production is of a consistently high calibre.


Sports Turf Testing Laboratory

The Sports Testing Laboratory uses our test apparatus to measure the interactions between player and surface, as well as ball and surface:

We also test the safety and bio-mechanical qualities of our turf systems, such as critical head injury criteria.


Environmental Testing Laboratory

Our Environmental Testing Laboratory tests the physical properties of the artificial turf systems and components. The effect of the environment  is measured, taking into account environmental factors such as UV radiation, extreme heat and cold, and the effect of moisture exposure.

We test all the materials for performance in the most extreme conditions, testing grass fibres, coating materials, shock pads, infill, seaming adhesive, and so on. Additional equipment simulates the effect of intense usage on the turf system, and measures this effect and the corresponding changes in performance. We also test the effect of different types of footwear on the surface, and the efficacy of various methods of maintaining our turf systems.


Artificial turfs approved and certified by international sports federations

Many of our artificial turfs have been tested and approved by the governing bodies of international sports federations. TigerTurf has close working relationships with approved testing institutes, the governing bodies of several sports, quality standards organisations, universities and key partner suppliers.

Above all, TigerTurf talks and listens to sportsmen and women to confirm that our sport systems are developed to meet their needs, providing athletes of all abilities with the best artificial turfs, so they can excel in their sport.


TigerTurf: a responsible sports turf manufacturer

TigerTurf researches methods of achieving more efficient and responsible manufacturing processes. Furthermore, as a conscientious manufacturer of artificial turfs, TigerTurf initiates research projects on recycling used turf and developing 100% recyclable products for the future.

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