Lumosa LED Lighting


Lumosa LED Lighting

For cost effective, long life illumination of indoor and outdoor sports and playing areas, ask for Lumosa Touch LED sports lights.

For cost effective, long life illumination of indoor and outdoor sports and playing areas, ask for Lumosa Touch LED sports lights.

Lumosa is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high power LED lighting.

The illumination of playing fields is by far the largest consumer of energy and the most important expenditure for most sports clubs. Conventional field lighting consumes significantly more energy compared to modern led lighting, this can be up to 65%! In addition, led sports lighting can offer a myriad of benefits.

Where traditional lighting displays yellow and uneven lighting, LED lighting can display fine bright white light on the entire field at a uniform intensity. This closely resembles natural daylight, making it easier to observe colors and movements, which in turn significantly enhances the gameplay.


The Perfect Lighting Solution for Sports Clubs and Residential Tennis

Lumosa LED Sports Lighting is now the preferred lighting option for Hockey clubs around New Zealand. For any sports clubs who run night time games and tournaments, Lumosa LED's turn night into day at the touch of a button. Perfect for Tennis Clubs, Football and Rugby Clubs, Bowls, Hockey, and Schools Multi-sports facilities, the benefits of TigerTurf's Lumosa LED Lighting systems are many.
// Up to 75% real energy savings.
// Long operating life
// Instant start-up – no warm-up period like older technology lights.
// Lower maintenance than older technology lights.
// Excellent coverage and consistency of light.
// Low light spill and better concentration of aiming than older technology lights.
// Use existing cables if you have existing lights, no additional control cables required.
// Make use of existing poles.
// State of the art control systems via app on your phone or tablet.

State of the art control systems

LumosaTouch is the ideal addition to Lumosa LED lighting to help you get the most out of the system. Lumosa LED lights can be controlled via traditional control panel or via the state of the art app called Lumosa Touch which can be run from your phone, tablet or PC. This interactive web application enables the approved user to control their LED lights in a simple, fast and easy-to-use way from anywhere.

“Since installing Lumosa LED lights on our Pitch #2, we’ve had an instant light improvement, but now our members are putting pressure on us to upgrade our 2nd turf as well. We have found with the brighter light we also only need to operate on ‘training’ mode which has given us even more power savings. TigerTurf were fantastic throughout the installation process, working with our local electricians closely to ensure a quality lighting solution”

Declan Wyndham-Smith

Waikato Hockey Association

World Bowls
FIH Preferred Supplier
ITF Foundation
World Rugby
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