Supreme Sikh Temple
Supreme Sikh Temple

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Supreme Sikh Temple

The scope of the Supreme Sikh Temple project was one of the largest single sports facility built by TigerTurf. It included a multi-function football/hockey turf, double netted cricket practice wicket, full-size volleyball court, acrylic coated basketball/netball court, a playground and much, much more.


Lumosa LED Lighting









Icon - March 2020

Date Project Completed

March 2020

Icon - 12,200m2



Icon - TigerTurf Endurance 40, Premier, Trophy, Acrylic, Summer Envy 35 XWR, Rubberised Running Track


TigerTurf Endurance 40, Premier, Trophy, Acrylic, Summer Envy 35 XWR, Rubberised Running Track

Icon - Full build


Full build

Unique, High Performance Sports & Recreation Venue

Unique, High Performance Sports & Recreation Venue

Additionally, the existing Kabaddi natural grass arena was given a facelift and upgraded to international specs. Tiger Turf NZ was approached by the Supreme Sikh Community of Takanini to undertake this amazing project.
Safe Playing Surfaces

Safe Playing Surfaces

The complex had an existing playground and gym area which, because of safety, needed to be upgraded. A new playground, based on the original playground elements, was designed and installed over TigerTurf’s hard wearing Summer Envy XWR Landscape turf. And being a sporting facility, the football / hockey pitch was bordered with a
rubberised 100m running track.

TigerTurf Endurance 40

Atomic Pro 40 is a synthetic turf product developed
for both football and hockey. Using the same ribbed
surface diamond shape fibre in our other football
products, Atomic Pro 40 provides the ultimate
combination of advanced performance and durability.
Certified FIFA Quality and FIH Multi-sport, this is an
excellent choice for field turfs in schools where space
is a premium.

Team Work Perfection

Relevant sporting accessories were included to complete the product

A facility of this magnitude and complexity would not be complete without the installation of a hi tech, state of the art LED lighting system.

This was designed in accordance with the lumen specification relevant to each activity of sport and this determined the amount of lux was required.

The project was rounded off with varying fence façades, automated security and CCTV systems, a quality PA system and a state-of-the-art control system.

Communication and flexibility were key to managing the complexity of this project

The co-ordination and utilisation of key staff from TigerTurf’s construction and installation departments, together with specialised 3rd party supply chain providers, enabled the smooth interaction between tasks.

With any project of this scale and magnitude, there are inevitably variations to the initial scope.

These variations included such as providing drinking fountains, rubbish bins, raising the level of the Kabaddi ground, pedestrian access gates and upgraded distribution boxes.

The project entailed complex interaction between the project management team, the client and Tiger Turf required flexibility and re-allocation of resources on TigerTurf’s part
to complete the project.

All in all, the end deliverable project presented a milestone in Tiger Turf’s history as the largest project undertaken within our New Zealand domain and this reinforced us
as a forerunner for the company of choice when it comes to supplying

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