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Browns Bay Racquets Club

The Browns Bay Racquets Club lighting was inadequate for night-time play. The Lumosa LED lights installed by TigerTurf solved the problem immediately: “Players now have much better light vision for night-time play with more control over light direction and intensity,” the club was happy to report.


Lumosa LED Lighting



Icon - November 2019

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November 2019

Icon - 12 Lights


12 Lights

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Lumosa LED CS850

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Lumosa LED Sports Lights turning Night into Day

Lumosa LED Sports Lights turning Night into Day

The Lumosa LED lighting system installed by TigerTurf for the Browns Bay Racquets Club provides daylight playing conditions on even the darkest winter nights. Furthermore, the light is distributed evenly over the courts, with minimal light spill to irritate neighbouring residents.
For a Difference you can Really See

For a Difference you can Really See

The existing light system used Metal Halide lamps, which emit a poor quality of light. The courts had dark spots, while the middle court, Number Three, was poorly lit all together. The lighting system offered no flexibility in controlling the lighting; either all were on or all off, wasting the club finances needlessly.

For cost effective, long life illumination

The illumination of playing fields is by far the largest consumer of energy and the most important expenditure for most sports clubs.
Where traditional lighting displays yellow and uneven lighting, LED lighting can display fine bright white light on the entire field at a uniform intensity. This closely resembles natural daylight, making it easier to observe colors and movements, which in turn significantly enhances the gameplay.

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Functional and versatile, the Lumosa LED system is also economical for sports clubs

TigerTurf demonstrated the revolutionary performance of the Lumosa LED lights at the Millwater Hockey turf. The visiting Browns Bay members were impressed by the even quality of the white light thrown by the LED lights.

We also displayed the versatility and convenience of the Lumosa LED lighting system by lowering the lux level of some lights while others maintained maximum power, emitting incredible brightness that is concentrated on the pitch.

Operate your club lights from anywhere with your smartphone
  • We also demonstrated the Lumosa App for smartphones and computers, which gives light operators the flexibility to control the lights by setting a timer, to switch the lights onto a lower rate for practice mode or on high when required – the clever versatility and functionality of the Lumosa System is a game-changer for sports clubs. Upgrade your club lighting to the TigerTurf Lumosa LED lighting system The Browns Bay Racquet Club upgrade to the Lumosa LED lighting system brought benefits beyond the improved intensity of the court lighting:
  • Consistent light over all 5 courts, energy cost savings and the flexibility to reduce light on some courts and maintain a high lux level on others.
  • Better white light and more consistent light distribution leads to safer playing conditions.
  • Lower electricity bill, yet more light with Lumosa LED lighting.
  • Lights can be activated individually and immediately from a mobile phone away from the club.
  • LED lights need no time to warm up – the instant light is more economical.
  • Light spill is minimised, with the light focused on the court area.

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