Arrowtown’s GreenWeave Bowls surface
Arrowtown’s GreenWeave Bowls surface

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Arrowtown’s GreenWeave Bowls surface

The beautiful Arrowtown Bowling Club upgrades to our high-performance GreenWeave all-weather surface.



Arrowtown Bowling Club delighted with new TigerTurf green

Arrowtown Bowling Club delighted with new TigerTurf green

“It’s no exaggeration to say we are over the moon with our new green,” says Bob Howitt, president of the Arrowtown Bowling Club, expressing his club’s delight with the TigerTurf installation of the new GreenWeave surface.
Arrowtown choose TigerTurf's GreenWeave surface

Arrowtown choose TigerTurf's GreenWeave surface

TigerTurf had installed the club’s existing green but the severe frosts in winter and extremely hot, dry summers had taken their toll. We had arranged to carry out remedial work on the base when the club decided that this was a great opportunity to replace the green with our high-performance GreenWeave surface.

TigerTurf TigerWeave

TigerTurf rebranded its GreenWeave product in 2019. TigerTurf’s TigerWeave is a non-filled woven surface manufactured by world-renowned Greengauge Surfaces Ltd exclusively for TigerTurf. TigerWeave is the ideal surface for bowlers, throughout a 12-month season. To ensure a top-quality, low maintenance and fast-draining surface, TigerTurf delivers a complete system including site preparation, installation of drainage, sub-base construction, application of TigerBond, comfort pad installation, surface installation, and post-project service and speed testing.

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One of the finest synthetic greens

This project was smooth and trouble-free from the refurbishing the base system and installation of the underlay, to the laying of the new GreenWeave woven carpet and surrounding banks.

“The green has been running at 17 seconds since the first day of play, and even nudges 18 seconds at times.” The Arrowtown bowlers are impressed by the consistent performance of their new surface.

The GreenWeave surface, has also drawn lavish praise from visiting bowlers, including Black Jack Shaun Scott, who said the carpet surface was one of the finest he had played on. Their team won the Gold Rush tournament at the club in February.

GreenWeave is TigerTurf’s top-rated bowls surface

TigerTurf shares the bowlers’ pride in their magnificent green surface, which is fully accredited to World Bowls standards and plays like the champion it is: “We received glowing tributes from pretty much everyone who played in our tournaments,” Bob Howitt told us, “and we’re not having any trouble filling our next tournaments.”

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