Belmont Primary School
Belmont Primary School

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Belmont Primary School

“The parents and staff think it is the best property development to happen in the school.” And the children? They absolutely love it!





Icon - July 2014

Date Project Completed

July 2014

Icon - Summer Envy 35 and Trophy


Summer Envy 35 and Trophy

Icon - Existing Concrete Base


Existing Concrete Base

From dull and unappealing to colourful and energetic

From dull and unappealing to colourful and energetic

Belmont Primary asked TigerTurf to make their junior quad into a much more interesting space for the children to play in. With two new classrooms recently completed, the old grey concrete quad was looking shabby and in need of some colour and energy. Our TigerTurf representative soon found that everyone had great ideas for the quad. He listened to everyone’s opinion, discussed the designs offered by many teachers, and produced a plan that appealed to everyone.
Attractive and Functional

Attractive and Functional

The Belmont Primary community say their new quad looks brand new and much more attractive. The children enjoy their cheerful play area, with its vivid colours
and stimulating designs. They even have their own colourful clock to tell them it’s playtime! And best of all – no prickles!

Summer Envy 35

Summer Envy is one of our most popular lawn turfs, with soft, sun-kissed blades inviting you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Easy to look after, Summer Envy keeps its good looks all year round, year after year.

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TigerTurf offers more than just a pretty space

Belmont has shady palms at one end of their new lawn, and at the other end, the lawn is installed with impact protection beneath it to meet critical fall height requirements under the play equipment.

The bright blue central play area, with its clear, fresh designs is TigerTurf’s new Trophy. Being both FIH and ITF accredited, Trophy is truly a high quality, durable all-weather multi-sport surface ideal for tennis, hockey, and a range of ball games.  And being soft underfoot and no sand being transferred into surrounding classrooms, this is the ideal surface for all schools.

Belmont Primary School members are delighted with the value the new quad has added to their community: “We are very pleased with the high quality of product and installation.” Most of all, they appreciated the time our representative spent listening and advising, working their ideas into the plan for their fabulous new quad.

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