Croatian Cultural Society Football Pitch
Croatian Cultural Society Football Pitch

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Croatian Cultural Society Football Pitch

TigerTurf installed brilliant Lumosa LED lights that turned night into day with a tap on the App for the Croatian Cultural Society and Auckland City football teams.

TigerTurf was asked to bring bright, modern lighting into play for the Croatian Cultural Society football pitch, which is also the training ground for the Auckland City Football Club. The TigerTurf Lumosa LED installation team replaced the existing metal halide light fittings with our internationally recognised Lumosa LED lighting system.

We installed 16 CS860 illuminates to achieve the minimum 200 LUX light level required by the Northern Regional Football League (NRFL) for safe night-time play.



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Manage your TigerTurf Lumosa LED lighting system remotely from your smart phone

Cost-effective TigerTurf Lumosa lights illuminate pitches evenly across the playing surface without light spill. The LEDs are focused carefully by our experienced lighting team to produce the best lighting conditions, without dark, shadowed patches or variations of brightness.

The football teams appreciate being able to play safely in clear light after sunset, or on overcast mornings with just a flick of the switch or tap on the smartphone App.

The club community appreciates the reliable, long-lasting pitch lighting, with LEDS that do not heat up during use or explode during rainfall.

TigerTurf Lumosa LED app for smart phones

The Lumosa LED App is a fantastic bonus for sports clubs, especially so for the lighting manager, who can use the app to control the lighting from home, business or work – and from a restaurant.

Using the functions within the App, the lighting can be coordinated with the practice timetable, yet offers flexibility if cancellations or changes are needed. As no warmup period is required for the LEDs, they respond as soon as they are turned on.

The App allows you to reduce the LUX level for overcast conditions in daytime play, during general maintenance when no games are in progress and for fitness and practice sessions.

TigerTurf provided light plans for the pitch and conducted our own LUX level and lighting tests

The TigerTurf lighting team tested the lights to a make sure the LED lights were focused on the pitch without light spilling beyond, with an even spread of light and no patches of shadow. We also tested to be sure that the LUX level of the Lumosa LEDs was correct.

The 200 LUX light level we achieved for the Croatian Cultural Society football pitch provides cost-effective, long-lasting lighting that focuses bright lighting for games play, and reduced brightness for general use. The LUX level complies with the safe night play requirements of the Northern Regional Football League – and, best of all, the players are much happier with the new lights

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