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Dargaville Primary School

“The students absolutely love their new TigerTurf multi-sport court – so much so that we’ve had to arrange a schedule to make sure everyone gets a turn,” said Curtis Gaylor, the principal of Dargaville Primary School. (George, I found this great quote on the TT FB page in his interview by the Kaipara Lifestyler, the local paper for that area. It is the article titled “Year-round sport made possible – a super tribute to the TT sports court. I’ll also include his positive comments about the benefits year-round for the health and education of the students.)

We installed 16 CS860 illuminates to achieve the minimum 200 LUX light level required by the Northern Regional Football League (NRFL) for safe night-time play.



Icon - July 2021

Date Project Completed

July 2021

Icon - 36.0m x 21.0m = 756 Sqm


36.0m x 21.0m = 756 Sqm

Icon - TigerTurf advantage


TigerTurf advantage

Icon - Full Build – 150mm Excava- tion, 150mm infill (GAP 20  & PAP 7), Subsoil Drains,  Concrete Mow Strip. Also in- stalled a 2.4m Black Powder  Coated Fence


Full Build – 150mm Excava- tion, 150mm infill (GAP 20 & PAP 7), Subsoil Drains, Concrete Mow Strip. Also in- stalled a 2.4m Black Powder Coated Fence

The TigerTurf Advantage all-weather multi-sport court is in play every day of the year

The TigerTurf Advantage all-weather multi-sport court is in play every day of the year

The TigerTurf Advantage multi-sport court has proved to be a successful project for the Dargaville Primary School. Frustrated by the frequent closures of wet, boggy sports fields during winter terms, the school principal asked TigerTurf to build a new all-weather sports court at the end of one field, leaving the remainder for summer sports. Two other popular TigerTurf sports facilities for local schools made his decision easy – he wanted an all-weather TigerTurf sports facility to allow the Dargaville School students to enjoy year-round outdoor exercise, with all the fitness and educational benefits this would bring.
A positive working relationship depends upon good communication

A positive working relationship depends upon good communication

The positive, sizzling energy driving Curtis Gaylor, the principal, to give the students and school community the best learning facilities possible was inspiring. His willingness to entrust us with the project made it possible for us to present the school with a high-performance TigerTurf Advantage multi-sports court with a professional finish. No wonder the school community is proud of their wonderful new sports court; it looks superb, has ignited the students’ passion for outdoor activity and will be an asset to the school for many years. 

 The entire project with Dargaville Primary has been a lasting pleasure for our team. From the initial meeting on site with the principal, the hospitality and warmth generated made our project rewarding and memorable.

TigerTurf Advanatage

Premier artificial turf has been developed for younger cricketers, schools and clubs. With realistic turn and bounce, it allows players to develop their cricketing skills on a true surface – at an affordable price.

Premier is fire rated and suitable for indoor applications.

TigerTurf Advantage

TigerTurf managed the full construction of the TigerTurf Advantage multi-sport court

TigerTurf worked closely with the school’s principal on a design that would work for Dargaville Primary School within their allotted budget. He asked us to manage the construction for the school, paid for by SIPS Funding, which is a grant to allow schools to invest in essential infrastructure they would not otherwise be able to afford. TigerTurf collated the information required by the funding department and adjusted the construction plan accordingly.

A local contractor excavated the site for the school and disposed of the topsoil, ready for the TigerTurf team to complete the base construction with sub-soil drains and a laser-levelled surface. The base was topped with an application of TigerBond, allowing rapid drainage of the high-performance TigerTurf Advantage multi-sports turf and for base stability over an extended period of high use.

The TigerTurf Advantage court is a lively combination of light blue and deep blue framed by a clear red. The court is permanently marked up for soccer in crisp white lines, with netball courts marked in clear yellow lines to distinguish the two sports clearly. And, of course, the outstanding all-weather TigerTurf Advantage surface has consistent ball roll and bounce, with steady ball speed on the laser-level surface. As a technically advanced multi-sport turf, TigerTurf Advantage is perfect for most ball sports and for curricular and school activities. We were pleased to learn that the school hockey teams love being able to play on their very own practice pitch. As a bonus, little maintenance is needed to keep this handsome, top-quality pitch at the top of its game for many years.

The new multi-sport pitch is tidily edged with a concrete mowing strip to protect the turf surface, and fully fenced with a 2.4m black, powder-coated fence to contain the action on court.

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