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Elim Christian College

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Elim Christian College

The 6,270 m² TigerTurf Evo Pro multi-sport field built at Elim Christian College is the first school
in New Zealand with an Ecocept base construction. The base comprised 90% recycled plastic
and rubber, pioneering radical improvements to sports base construction.




Performance Base Systems

Icon - May 2018

Date Project Completed

May 2018

Icon - 6,270m2



Icon - TigerTurf Evo Pro


TigerTurf Evo Pro

Icon - Full build Ecocept base


Full build Ecocept base

A Sustainable Future

A Sustainable Future

TenCate Ecocept is the product of the TenCate research and development centre, designed with advanced technical
construction that make this sustainably manufactured product a multi-functional base system that also supports sustainable
turf construction.
Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

A little over 9,000kgs of plastic went into
the synthetic turf here at Elim Christian
School. That’s a lot… BUT, TigerTurf recycled
and reused over 32,000kgs of plastic and
over 32,000kgs of rubber, that would have
otherwise ended up in landfill, to create the
Ecocept High Performance Sport Base.
That’s simply amazing! That’s equivalent to
approximately 50,000kgs of CO2 emissions!
TigerTurf is committed to sustainable strategies
that support healthy ecological systems. Elim
Christian College and our project partners,
Arrow Construction, share these values, and
together, we have achieved a remarkable first
for the New Zealand artificial grass industry.

TigerTurf Evo Pro

TigerTurf’s Evo Pro is manufactured from our most
advanced texturised monofilament fibres making it
our premium multi-sport surface for schools and clubs.
It is a sand dressed system that is deal for hockey,
tennis and multi-sports.
For hockey, it can be played on either wet or dry and is
certified FIH National. It has an ITF fast pace rating and
is designed to meet the highest level of performance
standards in both hockey and tennis.


Instant Increase In Efficiency

The school had reserved a large area for a sports field, the last available site for this installation

TigerTurf was responsible for designing, planning and managing the construction of a pitch to include as many student sports activities as possible. By selecting TigerTurf Evo Pro, the school took a further step towards a sustainable facility.

This is one of our most durable turf products, which will outlast other surfaces and provide superb performance for many years.

The velvet green Evo Pro surface forms a full-size football and hockey pitch

Four further courts are set into the surface marked for basketball, netball and volleyball. Around the perimeter a brick-red, two-lane running track, which includes a 100m sprint track, encourages students to burn up excess energy. A long jump pit and run-up is installed alongside the pitch.

TigerTurf’s Evo Pro is our top range dressed hockey turf, certified for FIH National and ITF – Fast.

The finishing touches

Around the outside of the pitch, TigerTurf Summer Envy was laid to form a lush warm green lawn for frequently used areas, providing dry, comfortable seating for supporters.

TigerTurf Classic was used for the footpaths used by spectators at the facility. Find out more about Ecocept The decision to use our multi-functional base construction component, TenCate Ecocept, turned this project into a sports facility to inspire every other school planning a synthetic  grass sports field.

Ecocept has many remarkable properties. It provides superior drainage, structural stability and shock absorption qualities.  The structural design of Ecocept drains water from the surface both vertically and horizontally and depth of excavation can be reduced. It also meets the criteria for shock absorption set  by FIH, FIFA and IRB.

The quantity of Ecocept used in the base construction for the Elim sports facility recycled over 65 tonnes of waste product, which has  been converted into the material used in the
manufacture of Ecocept. Recycled waste forms 80% to 90% of the Ecocept product.

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