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Two brilliant blue TigerTurf Tournament 1000 tennis surfaces transformed two worn court surfaces at Ellerslie Tennis Club:

“Look like tennis courts again,” and “Fantastic!” members responded, as progress was posted on Facebook.



Icon - November 2021

Date Project Completed

November 2021

Icon - 2 Tennis courts- 1,141m2


2 Tennis courts- 1,141m2

Icon - Tournament 1000


Tournament 1000

Icon - Base patching to old existing base


Base patching to old existing base

Ellerslie Tennis Club – Two Tiger Turf Tournament 1000 Courts

Ellerslie Tennis Club – Two Tiger Turf Tournament 1000 Courts

TigerTurf upgraded two of the uneven, hazardous tennis courts that had become unplayable at the Ellerslie Tennis Club. Players were discouraged by the poor quality of game caused by the deteriorating courts.

The surfaces of the courts were slippery in wet weather and uneven, with bumps underfoot posing serious risks for players.

The old surfaces having been lifted, TigerTurf repaired the many imperfections of the base to create a stable, level surface for the new TigerTurf Tournament 1000 tennis surfaces. We suggested this popular, durable tennis turf to hide the base imperfections and provide the club with many years of high-performance tennis.

Tournament 1000

TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is a medium-pile, sand-filled tennis surface. TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is a durable, low maintenance tennis surface and has been one of our most popular tennis surfaces, particularly in schools, for over 30 years.

Tournament 1000

TigerTurf Tournament 1000 courts in zesty blue for Ellerslie tennis

Out with the dull, worn surfaces of the Ellerslie Tennis Club courts – the members had seen our vivacious blue turf courts and wanted that happy splash of colourful energy to celebrate their modern, 21st century, TigerTurf Tournament 1000 tennis courts.

The blue tennis surfaces have had an enthusiastic welcome from the club members. Now the plan is to extend the playing hours with the addition of Lumosa LED lights to include twilight tennis competitions and informal games.
The new courts have a brighter, vibrant surface for the Ellerslie Club members, giving them high performance, consistent tennis every time. The new TigerTurf Tournament 1000 courts have struck a happy note for the club, bringing a burst of fresh energy to every game.

The club hopes to have the third (Council) court replaced soon to match the new standard set by the club, which will then have three new courts gleaming in fresh blue perfection.

“An absolutely amazing day!”

Opening day was the start of a new era of tennis at Ellerslie Tennis Club – best of all, the club has many more years of good tennis ahead. TigerTurf enjoyed this project as much as the club members have – best wishes for happy tennis, Ellerslie Tennis Club.

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