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Fairhaven School

“The children of Fairhaven School love the feel of their TigerTurf playground. They lie on it, enjoying the texture and the warmth of the turf” says Diane Whyte, the school principal .



Icon - July 2015

Date Project Completed

July 2015

Icon - 150m2



Icon - TigerTurf Summer Envy 35


TigerTurf Summer Envy 35

Icon - Crushed rock base with 45mm TigerPad


Crushed rock base with 45mm TigerPad

New Summer Envy surface creates safe play area

New Summer Envy surface creates safe play area

TigerTurf installed a TigerPad beneath the new Summer Envy surface for Fairhaven School’s playground, to create a safe play area with a critical fall height of 2 metres.

The previous playground surface was worn and unstable. Fairhaven had special requirements for their students, who all have disabilities, and love to play and climb.
A special playground for special kids

A special playground for special kids

The Napier school needed a surface that met playground regulations in terms of critical fall heights, drained well, and was easily maintained. The playground surface had to be non-toxic and durable, with a natural, appealing surface.

Summer Envy 35

The TigerTurf Summer Envy lawn we installed beneath the playground equipment is an attractive, all-weather lawn that harmonises with the natural environment. It drains quickly and needs very little maintenance; as a bonus, it has no clover for bees and no prickles to cause tears.

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Fairhaven School principal, Diane Whyte, tells us the children can now ride their scooters and bikes easily on their playground. They can navigate their wheelchairs freely, without the bumps and uneven patches they had to contend with previously.

The playground surface has a reassuring safety fall rating, a special requirement for these children, who can now play outdoors safely all year round. Many of them are sensory learners, and the warm, soft texture of the TigerTurf Summer Envy play area invites the children to roll around, enjoying the feel of the surface against their skin.

A clean, dry, stable play surface has brought real benefits to the children at Fairhaven School, and that’s brought great pleasure to the team here at TigerTurf.

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