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Fruitvale School

The Fruitvale School students have a splendid, thoughtfully planned Global Learning Centre that will challenge the students to explore new ideas, innovative thinking and different ways of using technology to express their ideas.

The creative Global Learning Centre is announced by an explosion of colour and designs that transform the courtyard into Adventureland. The vibrant blue TigerTurf Trophy surface of the courtyard is inset with brightly coloured games, a lively, welcoming entrance to the fabulous new Global Learning Centre at Fruitvale School. The beautiful red and green school logo welcomes students and staff inside, imparting a feeling of belonging and ownership, and certainly pride in their splendid new Global Learning Centre.

Fruitvale School transformed redundant classrooms into a bright, exciting new Global Learning Centre that invites students and teachers to experiment and innovate, with books and journals to inspire imaginative thinking and new worlds to explore. The intriguing tree with its tactile bark will become the lead character in stories and poems.

The adjoining spaces are just as engaging, with Lego tables, technology and video production to stimulate and focus interest, imagination and creativity for teachers and students.
The school asked us to create a fresh outdoor appeal in the Global Learning Centre with our synthetic lawns.

The sunny green of the TigerTurf Summer Envy 35 XWR is a smooth sweep of verdant warmth throughout the Fruitvale School Global Learning Centre, complementing the cheerful green bookshelves and colour theme of bright primary colours.



Icon - January 2022

Date Project Completed

January 2022

Icon - 250 m2


250 m2

Icon - Global Learning Centre - Summer Envy  35 XWR – 140 Sqm, Lego Rooms - Premier (Olive) – 35 Sqm, Courtyard - Trophy (Blue) – 75 Sqm


Global Learning Centre - Summer Envy 35 XWR – 140 Sqm, Lego Rooms - Premier (Olive) – 35 Sqm, Courtyard - Trophy (Blue) – 75 Sqm

Icon - Minimal Base Pathing in the courtyard


Minimal Base Pathing in the courtyard

TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR 35

TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR 35

TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR is an extra hard-wearing landscape grass with a glint of summer gold in the green thatch that brings texture and warmth to the Global Learning Centre.
TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR is easy to clean and maintain. The attractive, soft surface is non-slip even when wet. Odours are not absorbed, but noise is, creating a quiet working area for students and teachers in the Global Learning Centre.
TigerTurf Premier

TigerTurf Premier

Our TigerTurf Premier turf in the adjacent areas was designed as a cricket surface for daily use in practice nets and wickets. Its durability is undoubted, and, despite constant hard wear, Premier’s manicured finish remains immaculate. The school chose TigerTurf Premier for its attractive, tranquil olive ambience, and durable construction, as this group of Lego rooms is a busy working hub for students.

Summer Envy 35

Whether you are a homeowner wanting a beautifully manicured lawn, a business requiring attractive landscape and workspaces, a landscape designer looking for a unique solution for your clients or a council needing to provide natural landscapes but are restricted by access, maintenance and water supplies …talk to TigerTurf. TigerTurf Summer Envy 35 is a beautiful and authentic alternative to dry climate natural grass. The wide blade and high-density thatch provide a soft and comfortable feel under foot.

Summer Envy 35

TigerTurf interior installations comply with national and local Fire and Safety Regulations

 TigerTurf surfaces are frequently used inside gyms, schools and commercial buildings. Our interior installations comply with our own strict safety procedures and all New Zealand Building Code and Indoor Fire Regulations. These require a dressing of sand to be used to comply with the rules governing the safe use of our synthetic turfs indoors. The light layer of dressing is unnoticeable and keeps the blades upright, so the surface doesn’t tread and wear as carpet does.

TigerTurf was meticulous in carrying out a safe installation of our turfs for those using the new Global Learning Centre and adjacent areas. That and concern for the safety of our teams and the environment were the prime considerations in all our planning and construction, as always.

Fruitvale School selected innovative surfaces to inspire innovation and creativity, and it has succeeded. TigerTurf was proud to be take part in creating this exciting Global Learning Centre for the school and students.

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