Gladstone Primary School
Gladstone Primary School

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Gladstone Primary School

“We are really happy with the new outdoor area. It has already become a fantastic asset for our
school.” Dave Shadbolt, Principal, Gladstone Primary School.



Icon - February 2015

Date Project Completed

February 2015

Icon - 900m2



Icon - TigerTurf Trophy


TigerTurf Trophy

Icon - Dynamic base


Dynamic base

The Gladstone Story

The Gladstone Story

“This is the third turf we’ve installed for
Gladstone Primary School, and we were
delighted to be invited to take part in
this project,” said TigerTurf’s Business
Development Manager, Adam Cherrie. “We
recommended multi-sport TigerTurf Trophy, a
turf that is safe and suitable for most sports,
as well as hard-wearing. This new outdoor
area has to endure a heavy work load: not
only is it used by the school every day for PE,
school assemblies and sport practices, but it
is also used after-hours by the Out of School
care programme, and community sports
Impressive Performance

Impressive Performance

TigerTurf recently constructed an all-weather,
outdoor education area for Gladstone Primary
School. An increasing school role means this
facility will be used every day of the year.

TigerTurf Trophy

TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for
multi-sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for
hockey* and tennis and meets the exacting standards
of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well
as being ITF fast paced certified.
It also provides consistent performance for sports
such as basketball, netball and in playgrounds, as well
as a brilliant multi-purpose surface suitable for general
Gym use.

Remarkable Improvement

In modern school grounds, every bit of space is precious. The removal of some redundant classrooms by the Ministry of Education freed up space that was earmarked to become an
outdoor education area.

TigerTurf was appointed to effect the transformation from the mess left after the classrooms had gone, to the light, airy outdoor play area the school is so proud of. The construction team used stringent safety measures while working in the school grounds.

The old asphalt base was removed so the roof could be built. Then the TigerTurf team constructed the new base, and finally, the Trophy turf was installed. The roof keeps the turf in play even during heavy rain, and with the addition of lights, the ports turf can be used well into the evening.

Access was down a steep ramp at the school’s main entry point, which restricted the hours in which materials and vehicles could be brought onto the site. This was a staged project that had to be tightly managed, yet was completed on time to a high standard that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The community football and netball clubs will make good use of the 900m² turf, which is also going to be used for touch rugby practice.

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