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Greenhithe School

TigerTurf Envy 35 XWR rejuvenated an unsuccessful grass area adjacent to classrooms, now a handsome sweep of smooth green all-weather lawn with stylish seating used happily every day by students. The view from the classrooms is prettier too

The TigerTurf Envy 35 XWR lawn with dynamic base we recently constructed for Greenhithe School follows on from the TigerTurf Trophy playground surface over the TigerTurf PowerPlay safety mat we installed the previous year. The playground looks superb, the students love it, and it now works much better for the school.



Icon - October 2021

Date Project Completed

October 2021

Icon - 245m2



Icon - Envy 35 XWR


Envy 35 XWR

Icon - 100mm dynamic base


100mm dynamic base

TigerTurf turns damp, unused areas into durable, multi-functional, all-weather lawns

TigerTurf turns damp, unused areas into durable, multi-functional, all-weather lawns

For this project, the school asked TigerTurf to solve a slightly different problem. A good-sized grass area conveniently alongside classroom blocks was unusable for most of the year. Muddy and slippery in wet weather, hard, dry and dusty in hotter weather, the grassed area had unrealised potential for daily curricular, school and recreational activities that are an essential part of the school day.

With student numbers increasing by the year, all school grounds need to be fully functional and ready for use every day. It’s even better if they are multi-functional, tidy and attractive with minimal expense and effort.

TigerTurf works miracles for school grounds that are not achieving their potential. We discussed the school’s intended use of this area, how it could add more value to the school day, and provide a comfortable, attractive area for students to eat, play and socialise in. TigerTurf Envy 35 XWR, a beautiful, incredibly durable lawn, is an excellent surface for daily use in all seasons, for recreational fun, drama practices, group discussions and assemblies.
TigerTurf Envy XWR over a free-draining base, with a shade cover above – the perfect lawn

TigerTurf Envy XWR over a free-draining base, with a shade cover above – the perfect lawn

The TigerTurf team constructed a dynamic base with effective drainage to keep the lawn dry. TigerTurf Envy 35 XWR lawn is a multi-purpose synthetic grass that will happily accommodate school activities all year; a smooth, soft lawn for students to relax on at lunchtime and breaks, to read, rest and chat. The shade cover above shelters students from sun and rain, extending the effective use of the area.

The smooth green TigerTurf Envy 35 XWR lawn presents an interesting textural contrast with the geometric timber seats and decks, an engaging, cheerful view from adjacent classrooms.  

Summer Envy 35 XWR

Artificial lawn in commercial and residential spaces is becoming increasingly popular. TigerTurf’s Summer Envy 35 XWR is a beautiful and authentic alternative to natural grass manufactured from TenCate’s XWR fibre for high durability. The medium blade and high-density thatch provide a soft and comfortable feel under foot with colours that accurately replicate real grass.

Summer Envy 35 XWR

TigerTurf project management accommodates the difficulties of Covid restrictions

TigerTurf projects can certainly be managed remotely when the occasion calls for it, using well-tested strategies to achieve our signature professional workmanship. However, the challenges of working around the restrictions of Covid-19, lockdown and transport delays disrupted our work schedules coordination for the TigerTurf team and the shade suppliers, but we successfully completed the elegant, multi-use TigerTurf Envy 35 XWR lawn in time to delight the students on their return to school.

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