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Hillcrest High

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Hillcrest High

The TigerTurf Advantage multi-sports turf was enthusiastically welcomed by sports teams at
Hillcrest High School in Hamilton. The futsal teams celebrated in the best way possible – training
for their tournament in Vanuatu on the new sports field.



Icon - July 2018

Date Project Completed

July 2018

Icon - 1,847m2



Icon - TigerTurf Advantage


TigerTurf Advantage

Icon - Existing asphalt base


Existing asphalt base

Problem Solved

Problem Solved

The existing synthetic turf sports field at Hillcrest High was an old hockey turf from Waikato hockey. At the
time it solved a problem for the school but overtime it had become unsafe and was looking worse for wear.
The sports teams needed a proper surface on which to train and compete and so the pitch was upgraded to a
TigerTurf Advantage multi-sport surface.
TigerTurf Advantage For Tennis, Hockey, Futsal And Much More

TigerTurf Advantage For Tennis, Hockey, Futsal And Much More

We removed the old turf, installed a
rubber shock pad and laid the eagerly
awaited TigerTurf Advantage multi-sports
field, permanently and clearly marked for
hockey and futsal.
Initially, tennis markings were not included
but after the local tennis club played on
the turf, the decision was made to add
three tennis courts. TigerTurf had no
difficulty in accommodating this upgrade
and now the tennis players at the school
can enjoy a much better game of tennis.
And the new multi-sports field gives
even more value for the school’s single

TigerTurf Advantage

TigerTurf Advantage is an outstanding tennis and
multi-sport surface that encourages players at the
top of their game to extend themselves even further,
while developing players can more readily improve their
skills on this technical tennis turf.
Advantage is at the top of our tennis range. It is an
extremely hardwearing medium pile surface and comes
with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
TigerTurf Advantage is also an excellent surface within
the Gym environment. Its hard wearing characteristics
make it ideal for resistance training, high impact and
indoor field sports.

High Performance Surface

High performance TigerTurf multisports fields for schools

Hillcrest High’s fantastic new turf is very popular with the school’s athletes and players are training hard to be the best and achieving their goal in top style.

Futsal has become enormously popular in recent years, and now the Hillcrest futsal teams have one of our top quality technical multi-sports turfs on which to develop their skills to take their passion for the game to the next level.

We’re looking forward to seeing some of these young players in the Futsal World Cup within a few years.

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