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Jan’s Pre-school

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Jan’s Pre-school

Inviting, fresh and clean, the revitalised playground at Jan’s Pre-school in Blenheim vibrates with energy and fun. TigerTurf Serenity 30 – cool and comfortable when the heat is on – TigerCool.

Jan’s Pre-school has renovated indoor areas, with an overhaul of the playground as the next priority. Together we designed a safe, attractive playground for the children and staff, which would be a showpiece at the front of the pre-school.

The playground currently fell short of the high standards set by the staff and management, who wanted to attract the young students outdoors and inspire creative play every day.

The unattractive bark surface of the outdoor play area was messy, difficult to clean and hard on small knees – pieces of bark went into mouths and over the fence.

The sandpit was a popular learning area for the students, but the inevitable sand spill took too long to clean up.

A modern, easily maintained surface was needed to improve everyone’s day.

TigerTurf has excellent all-weather playground surfaces to suit the requirements for pre-school playgrounds. Now, it was time to bring the playground up to date with a safe, all-weather TigerTurf Serenity 40 surface to make learning fun for everyone.



Icon - Octber 2020

Date Project Completed

Octber 2020

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Icon - Serenity 30


Serenity 30

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Dynamic base

The TigerTurf Serenity 40 playground at Jan’s Preschool

The TigerTurf Serenity 40 playground at Jan’s Preschool

A playroom now opens onto a deck leading to the playground, creating a better connection between the two learning areas. 

The new concrete path edging the sandpit accommodates the sandcastles and truckloads of sand generously deposited during play, which is now easy to tidy, leaving a fresh, clean canvas ready for the next session. The staff enjoy the easy care, child-friendly playground as much as the children do.

The bark was removed, the site prepared, and a shock pad installed to meet safety requirements, and then the beautiful TigerTurf Serenity 40 was laid.

The TigerCool technology used in making Serenity 40 reflects summer heat to keep the surface temperature lower than that of standard synthetic surfaces.

The playground is now a smooth sweep of manicured lawn at the entrance to the playschool. Best of all, the children and staff love their cheerful playground – a durable, even lawn for pushing toys, rolling and tumbling on. Delightful for outdoor story time, morning tea or lunchtime snacks, and playtime adventures, of course. 

The easy-care, all-weather nature of TigerTurf Serenity 40 allows many more hours of happy outdoor learning on a comfortable, non-abrasive surface with technical qualities to match its handsome appearance.

Serenity 30

Serenity 30 is a soft landscape grass used for domestic installation manufactured from TigerCool yarn, Serenity is cooler than most synthetic grasses by up to 15%. Serenity has the added benefits of being olive green replicating a natural lawn and de-lusted so you don’t get that shiny look. A stunning alternative to natural grass, Serenity is soft under foot so perfect for the front yard or backyard installation.

Serenity 30
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