Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden
Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden

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Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden

TigerTurf Summer Envy is a sunny green lawn at the fabulous Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden. The two outdoor play lawns are safe for adventurous children with a TigerTurf PowerPlay 22mm safety pad laid beneath the two TigerTurf Summer Envy play lawns.

TigerTurf Summer Envy is a warm, sun-kissed green showpiece at the Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden; the bright green octagonal play lawn framed by an elegant portico opening to the fresh air and sky above, with a fascinating view of blue sky, cloud and birds.

Graceful palms fringe the children’s lawn, echoed by the tussocks tickling the sky above the Children’s Garden, a natural classroom inspiring the children to learn through creative and active play. A soft, dry lawn for story-time, curricular social activities and recreational play, TigerTurf Summer Envy will retain its flawless golden-green perfection for many years of daily activities with a brief, simple care routine.

TigerTurf Summer Envy is the perfect lawn for the adventure playground, with our TigerTurf PowerPlay 22m safety mat providing safe landing up to a height of 1.4m from tumbles and falls, as well as for rolling on and for casual junior gymnastics.





Icon - November 2021

Date Project Completed

November 2021

Icon - 2 areas total 234m2


2 areas total 234m2

Icon - Summer Envy 35 / 22mm PowerPlay


Summer Envy 35 / 22mm PowerPlay

Icon - Our scope was install only


Our scope was install only

TigerTurf Summer Envy reflects the high standards set by the Kakapo Children’s Garden

TigerTurf Summer Envy reflects the high standards set by the Kakapo Children’s Garden

Every aspect of the Kakapo Children’s Garden is designed to provide the best possible early childhood learning experience, with an equally high standard of care for their young students.

The intent to inspire learning within a delightful, natural setting is evident in every detail of the design and selection of construction materials, all safely and carefully constructed for active, enterprising and creative play, and for curricular activities. 

The TigerTurf PowerPlay 22mm safety pad laid beneath the two lawns absorbs impact safely up to a 1.4 Critical Fall Height (CFH). 

Nature itself, natural materials, and the sustainability of every detail bring distinction and grace to the ecologically focused building construction, the landscaped garden settings for the adventure playgrounds and the attractive, sturdy, durable learning equipment.

Summer Envy 35

Whether you are a homeowner wanting a beautifully manicured lawn, a business requiring attractive landscape and workspaces, a landscape designer looking for a unique solution for your clients or a council needing to provide natural landscapes but are restricted by access, maintenance and water supplies …talk to TigerTurf.

Summer Envy 35

TigerTurf Summer Envy is a fantastic lawn for families, early learning centres and schools

The all-weather, easy-care TigerTurf Summer Envy lawns encourage daily use for outdoor teaching, learning through play, messy art fun, story-time, folk dancing and snack times in a clean, safe, very beautiful garden setting. Perfect for family use, pets, commercial and educational facilities, the warm, dry perfection of a manicured green lawn forms a relaxing, satisfying view from windows and for daily use.

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