Kaniere School
Kaniere School

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Kaniere School

“We love our multi-use area and play courts! The usage is through the roof, with the biggest
challenge balancing high demand.”



Icon - March 2014

Date Project Completed

March 2014

Icon - 810m2



Icon - TigerTurf Tournament


TigerTurf Tournament

Icon - Existing asphalt base


Existing asphalt base

The Kaniere Story

The Kaniere Story

Kaniere School, on New Zealand’s
west coast, had a playground that was
traditionally a wet area with poor draining.
It was grey, tired, unappealing and
potentially unsafe with a cracked and
uneven surface.
Impressive Transformation

Impressive Transformation

With a TigerTurf transformation, the
school now has a bright and colourful
play area with learning games including a
number snakes, four square, hopscotch
and snakes and ladders.

TigerTurf Tournament

Tournament is a reliable, quality tennis surface made
by TigerTurf and is a good value investment for
recreational tennis and schools multi-sports court.
It is a medium pile, sand filled, fibrillated tennis
surface. Its hardwearing, versatile yarn makes it
suitable for courts of all types from private homes to
tennis clubs and multisport use in schools.

All Weather Turf

“The teachers are excited about the numeracy games they will be able to play with the junior classes on the brightly coloured number snake and giant snakes and ladders game” exclaimed Principal, Lorrayne Alexander.

The main court area has lines for tennis, basketball and netball which means the students can set themselves up for a game at any time. “The turf has enlivened our play areas and provided us with an all-weather turf on the wet West Coast.”

When considering how to upgrade the play areas, the school considered two options. (a) to mill the existing asphalt and replace with a new asphalt coating or (b) cover with TigerTurf to not only halt the asphalt decay but to also enliven the surface making it safe for play. As the cost for the TigerTurf was similar to reasphalting, the choice was obvious.

This project was completed by TigerTurf’s agent, Southern Turf Ltd. “We are delighted with the result. Our ageing asphalted court areas have gone  from grey, dreary and in need of  attention to a stimulating and fun environment for our students”.

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