Kelvin Road School
Kelvin Road School

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Kelvin Road School

Kelvin Road School’s bold decision to select the advanced sports court technology of TigerTurf
Trophy has brought vibrant life and energy to the previously dull concrete courts in the junior school.



Icon - May 2018

Date Project Completed

May 2018

Icon - 993m2



Icon - TigerTurf Trophy


TigerTurf Trophy

Icon - Existing concrete base


Existing concrete base

New Energy

New Energy

The bright, vivid colours of three new TigerTurf Trophy multi-sport courts has brought new energy to the heart
of the school. The fresh bright blue, energetic red and crisp green have ignited the enthusiasm of the students,
enticing them outdoors for some serious sports action.
Passion For Sports

Passion For Sports

The modern, student-focused activity
centre has been completed with a range
of sports and games along with new
basketball towers and netball hoops,
creating the dynamic new playground at
Kelvin School.
With the installation of the extremely
durable all-weather TigerTurf Trophy
playground, the school has happily waved
good-bye to dull concrete, skinned knees,
cancelled sports.

TigerTurf Trophy

TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for
multi-sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for
hockey* and tennis and meets the exacting standards
of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well
as being ITF fast paced certified.
It also provides consistent performance for sports
such as basketball, netball and in playgrounds, as well
as a brilliant multi-purpose surface suitable for general
Gym use.

Fiery Red and Shimmering Blue

Low maintenance school multi-courts with permanent markings

The new courts are marked clearly and permanently for the most popular school sports, with four square games set into the clean green basketball key, a fiery red and the shimmering blue netball court inset with 3 more mini-tennis games.

TigerTurf school courts add hours of play to the school week, draining quickly after rain, remaining safe even when wet and on frosty mornings.

All weather, durable TigerTurf Trophy multi-courts

The courts are also extremely popular for community use outside of school hours. Trophy has outstanding qualities that make it a popular multi-sport surface for schools.

It offers excellent value, looks superb and is accredited by the ITF for tennis, FIH for hockey and AENA for netball, making it suitable for schools, sports clubs and keen sporting families.

World Bowls
FIH Preferred Supplier
ITF Foundation
World Rugby
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