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Mahurangi College

With the installation of the TigerTurf Evo Pro multi-sport surface at Mahurangi College, the school
again has an amazing TigerTurf sports surface, giving the tennis, futsal and hockey teams a worldclass
training facility.



Icon - April 2018

Date Project Completed

April 2018

Icon - 1,450m2



Icon - TigerTurf Evo Pro


TigerTurf Evo Pro

Icon - Existing base


Existing base

Warm Terracotta And Vibrant Blue

Warm Terracotta And Vibrant Blue

In April 2018, our technical multi-sport surface, TigerTurf Evo Pro, replaced the TigerTurf multi-sport surface we installed
for Mahurangi College 27 years ago, making it our oldest multi-sport surface still in regular use. The colourful new sports
grounds features a warm terracotta border around a vibrant blue hockey pitch with 3 green tennis courts and 2 futsal courts
inset across the pitch. A cleverly designed multi-sport pitch and an attractive feature of the school grounds, winning praise
from players and spectators.
Most Durable Multi-Sport Surface

Most Durable Multi-Sport Surface

A TigerTurf shock pad laid beneath the
entire sports facility protects the players’
joints and limbs from impact injuries, and
will extend the playing life of the Evo Pro
surface. This is the most durable multi-sport
surface on the market, and the shock pad
maintains the surface at the top of its game.

TigerTurf Evo Pro

TigerTurf’s Evo Pro is manufactured from our most
advanced texturised monofilament fibres making it
our premium multi-sport surface for schools and clubs.
It is a sand dressed system that is deal for hockey,
tennis and multi-sports.
For hockey, it can be played on either wet or dry and is
certified FIH National. It has an ITF fast pace rating and
is designed to meet the highest level of performance
standards in both hockey and tennis.

The Best Possible Outcome

The Mahurangi College playing fields are often out of action during the winter months, increasing the pressure on all hard surfaces around the school. The new all-weather Evo Pro facility has been designed to cater for hockey, tennis and futsal despite the weather.

Of course, the surface is perfect for  PE, as well as providing a level, dry surface throughout the year for other outdoor activities.

This facility has also overcome the poor drainage that had become a problem at the site. Because of the particular yarn characteristics of TigerTurf Evo Pro, the  school will not experience the same level of poor drainage.

Hockey is the primary sport played on this pitch, and Evo Pro is the best product for the purpose, also being perfect for Tennis. Evo Pro has a secondary backing for hockey which helps with better tuft lock and higher pile height for better ball roll and playing characteristics.

The school naturally had to keep to its budget, but our long-standing relationship means a great deal to TigerTurf, so we were pleased to offer this wonderful college an upgrade to the best surface available.

The students will benefit from practising and competing on this superb new surface, and that’s the best possible outcome for both Mahurangi College and TigerTurf.

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