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Manatamariki School

Practical, durable and, above all, safe, TigerTurf playground surfaces are more fun than designer




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August 2015

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TigerTurf Summer Envy 35

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The Manatamariki Story

The Manatamariki Story

Soft, clean and free-draining, TigerTurf
Summer Envy invites children to touch and
roll on its fresh, green lawn surface. With
no prickles or dirt to cause problems, the
children come into the classrooms clean
and happy after playtime.
Wonderful Playground Surface

Wonderful Playground Surface

TigerTurf Summer Envy 35 is a popular
artificial lawn surface, and with a softfall
pad installed beneath to comply with
critical fall requirements for New Zealand
playgrounds, Summer Envy is a wonderful
playground surface.

TigerTurf Summer Envy 35

Whether you are a homeowner wanting a beautifully
manicured lawn, a business requiring attractive landscape
and workspaces, a landscape designer looking for a
unique solution for your clients or a council needing to
provide natural landscapes but are restricted by access,
maintenance and water supplies …talk to TigerTurf.
TigerTurf Summer Envy 35 is a beautiful and authentic
alternative to dry climate natural grass. The wide blade
and high-density thatch provide a soft and comfortable
feel under foot.
Constructed using green and beige coloured stands, this
product gives a realistic impression of recently mowed
grass with some blades dying and others growing.

Durable, Low Maintenance Lawn

Manatamariki School had award-winning playgrounds, but the surfaces were rapidly deteriorating and the stone footpaths proving difficult to manage. Despite being fairly new, the soft-fall matting beneath the play equipment was not resilient under UV exposure from sunlight and would soon be unsafe for the children of Manatamariki School.

It was also hot for little feet under the summer sun – no fun for anyone. TigerTurf replaced the unsatisfactory existing surface with a stable, free-draining base, topped by our Summer Envy 35 landscape lawn.

This system provides a durable, low maintenance lawn for the children to play on all year round. The playground truly is a showpiece now, with its bright, cheerful play equipment inviting the children to play, protected from injury by the soft-fall, verdant lawn beneath.

The stone paths have been replaced by TigerTurf Summer Envy too; dry and  durable, the lawn is always soft underfoot and attractive.

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