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Massey Domain

The Massey Park rugby and football community is now enjoying all the benefits of a world-class synthetic pitch with the installation of our superb TigerTurf Rugby 360. Local rugby and football supporters will be cheering for their sports teams every week now the Massey Park sports ground has an all-weather TigerTurf Rugby 360 synthetic pitch. Given how often the variable Auckland climate puts a dampener on weekend sports, that alone is worth a cheer.





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Icon - TigerTurf Rugby 360


TigerTurf Rugby 360

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Full build dynamic base

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March 2018

Massey Domain

The new Massey Domain sports ground is laid with an all-weather TigerTurf Rugby 360 synthetic pitch. The new synthetic football turf meets FIFA and World Rugby standards.
TigerTurf Rugby 360

TigerTurf Rugby 360

Rugby 360 uses TenCate XWR yarn technology to provide the ultimate combination of advanced performance and durability.

Accredited by FIFA and World Rugby

This superb TigerTurf sports system is accredited by FIFA and World Rugby, having been developed with the specialised features required for world-class rugby and football. As a dual-use field, the Massey Park sports ground turf has permanent markings for rugby and football.

TigerTurf Rugby 360 features resilience, player comfort, and safety

Our research and development team in London analysed the technical aspects of the modern football and rugby games, and then designed the Rugby 360 surface, which supports the players in achieving their goals. As always, the process included thorough testing of the product for durability of the surface itself and of its continued high-performance qualities, given the hard wear to which sports fields are subjected over years of fast play.

Virgin rubber infill used for Massey Park rugby field

Another winning attribute of this rugby and football field is the virgin rubber, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) used as infill, rather than the cheaper SBR recycled rubber more commonly used. This is the Auckland Council’s first synthetic sports field to use the virgin rubber infill, a more expensive option but, with consideration of public concerns about the use of recycled rubber, the Council selected EPDM as the preferred rubber infill. Using rubber infill for synthetic rugby and football fields improves shock absorption and promotes safer sliding maneuvers. It provides better safety and comfort for the players and improves the playing characteristics of the surface.

TigerTurf sports systems have exceptional durability

TigerTurf Rugby 360 is manufactured using TenCate XWR yarn technology, which creates the most durable sports turfs in the world. The yarn is locked into the backing, which, together with the application of a Megabond latex compound, provides great strength and durability throughout the pitch. Despite the continual physical stress on this surface, TigerTurf Rugby 360 will maintain its structural integrity and continue to give outstanding technical performance during many seasons of hard-fought rugby and football games. The Auckland installation entailed a full construction, carried out by Wilkinson Civil. TigerTurf installed the shock pad and Rugby 360 over the sub-base.

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