Check Out Puhinui School’s functional multi-coloured multi-sports field
Check Out Puhinui School’s functional multi-coloured multi-sports field

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Check Out Puhinui School’s functional multi-coloured multi-sports field

TigerTurf constructed a brilliant, all-weather Advantage multi-sports field for Puhinui School to replace a redundant grass sports area at the front of the school grounds. Now, this functional multi-coloured, multi-sports field radiates dazzling perfection.

Icon - January 2021

Date Project Completed

January 2021

Icon - 2000m2



Icon - TigerTurf Advantage


TigerTurf Advantage

Icon - Full Build Dynamic Base


Full Build Dynamic Base

A Wasted Space Transforms to an Amazing Space

A Wasted Space Transforms to an Amazing Space

The existing grass area at the front of the school was unsatisfactory, offering few sports options for too few playing hours. With a growing school roll, the school needed durable, all-weather non-slip areas in use every day especially sports grounds and enough for a variety of different sports.
TigerTurf multi-sports centres for schools

TigerTurf multi-sports centres for schools

TigerTurf fabulous multi-coloured multi-sports fields provide schools with fabulous modern sports facilities with well-tested technical qualities for all ball sports, as well as other school activities.

TigerTurf Advantage

TigerTurf Advantage is an outstanding tennis and multi-sport surface that encourages players at the top of their game to extend themselves even further, while developing players can more readily improve their skills on this technical tennis turf. TigerTurf Advantage is also an excellent surface within the Gym environment. Its hard wearing characteristics make it ideal for resistance training, high impact and indoor field sports.

New multi-coloured multi-sports field revitalises Puhinui Schools sports

The Ultimate Multi-coloured Multi-sports field

Puhinui School commissioned TigerTurf to build an all-weather, top-quality TigerTurf Advantage multi-sports centre. The addition of our TigerTurf dynamic base brings further value for the school and players.

Effective drainage improves the flow of water through the surface to keep the surface dry.

The base also increases the playing life of this durable sports turf, reduces impact injuries on players’ joints and improves the overall playing experience. TigerTurf Advantage is safe for use wet or dry, providing excellent traction underfoot.

The multi-sports centre has clear, contrasting colours that, together with permanent lines, distinguish the playing areas for different sports.

The TigerTurf construction team worked hard to have this spectacular sports ground ready for action at the beginning of the 2021 school year. We also modified the existing front fence of the school to finish the project in fitting style.

TigerTurf Advantage is a leader of synthetic sports turfs on the international market

TigerTurf Advantage is a superb turf for all ball sports, from elite to developing teams, all sports teams will all appreciate the responsive, technical qualities of this long-loved synthetic turf. Its long list of attributes includes excellent ball control, direction and speed, with secure traction that allows players to extend themselves at speed safely.
Now Puhinui School’s many sport- teams can embark on some intensive skill training and competition schedules to achieve their true potential on their own multi-sports centre – the TigerTurf Advantage sports centre with be effortlessly multi-tasking all day every day for years.

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