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The action-packed TigerTurf Trophy multi-sports synthetic turf court at New Windsor School is clearly marked up for netball, basketball, padder tennis, 4-square, and hopscotch, topped off with two sets of multi-coloured alphabets – two times the fun – let’s get competitive here...





Icon - April 2021

Date Project Completed

April 2021

Icon - 570m2



Icon - TigerTurf Trophy


TigerTurf Trophy

Icon - Existing Asphalt Base


Existing Asphalt Base

Multi-Sports Synthetic Turf Customised to suit your School's requirements

Multi-Sports Synthetic Turf Customised to suit your School's requirements

The brilliant colours of the TigerTurf Trophy multi-sport court at New Windsor School ignite enthusiasm as the students surge onto their happy place for PE classes, team sports, and playtime fun and games.
A range of different Sports and Games all in one space

A range of different Sports and Games all in one space

The all-weather TigerTurf Trophy multi-sport court is permanently marked in sets of clear, bright colours for netball, basketball, four-square, and padder tennis– four sports on the new Trophy multi-sport court, the perfect surface for all ball sports.

TigerTurf Trophy

TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for multi-sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for junior hockey and tennis and meets the exacting standards of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well as being ITF fast paced certified. It also provides consistent performance for sports such as basketball, netball and playgrounds, as well as a brilliant multi-purpose surface suitable for general gym use.

Made in New Zealand to your requirements

As well as these structured sports, the court includes colourful games and activities, inspiring imaginative play too. Immense value for a single investment and swift upgrade to dramatic and multi-functional from drab and unused.

The TigerTurf team repaired and patched the existing worn, cracked asphalt court for use as the base of the multi-sport court. We also adjusted the site area to form the larger, level area required to fit as much fun as possible into the new court.

A canopy installed by Shade Systems soars magnificently above the rich, jewel colours of the court beneath, extending playing hours still further and sheltering the students and staff from rain and over-exposure to summer sun.

Tiger Turf Trophy is indeed a multi-use turf, a clean, comfortable surface for assemblies, outdoor classes, and discussion groups, drama sessions, and for reading library books quietly, as well as PE and general playground use.

Like a butterfly emerging from grey, lifeless lethargy to take flight into glowing, vivid life, the worn dull court has metamorphosed into an explosion of colour and joy for the staff and students of New Windsor School.

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