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TigerTurf completes a remarkable new sports facility for Nayland College.

The new Advantage high-performance multi-sports facility for Nayland College in Nelson will give years of rewarding performance to students.





Icon - July 2018

Date Project Completed

July 2018

Icon - 4,000m2



Icon - TigerTurf Advantage


TigerTurf Advantage

Icon - Existing Base plus 10mm BSW shock pad


Existing Base plus 10mm BSW shock pad

 Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Futsal, and Sprinting

Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Futsal, and Sprinting

Players love the high standard of performance this fantastic surface provides for tennis, netball, basketball, hockey, futsal, and sprinting and for just about every other school activity and event. Designed for high-performance sports training and competition, TigerTurf Advantage is an attractive, safe surface for curricular use, PE lessons, and recreation – the new sports facility will be a student magnet, the most popular outdoor area of the school in all weather conditions, all year.
Nayland College’s new TigerTurf multi-sport centre sizzles with energy

Nayland College’s new TigerTurf multi-sport centre sizzles with energy

The existing asphalt area was prepared to form a level, stable base for the new sports courts, with good drainage. Tree roots were removed to prevent damage to the surface, safeguarding the longevity and excellent performance of the new multi-sport courts.

The TigerTurf team firstly installed a 10m rubber shock pad over the base to cushion falls, provide shock absorbency and to help extend the lifespan of the TigerTurf Advantage multi-courts.

TigerTurf Advantage

TigerTurf Advantage is an outstanding tennis and multi-sport surface that encourages players at the top of their game to extend themselves even further, while developing players can more readily improve their skills on this technical tennis surface.

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All-weather TigerTurf Advantage multi-sports courts ready for play every day

The multi-sport courts were completed with new sports equipment, including tennis posts, netball hoops, and basketball hoops and fencing. The rich blue, red, and green courts lift the appearance of the school grounds. Add a multitude of happy students and you have a hotpot of energy bubbling at the heart of the school.

The multi-use potential of the sports courts extends the hours of play available to staff for reliable curriculum planning, team sports training, and safeguards the competition schedule.  Now the students can train all year on their own first-class sports courts and host other school teams at Nayland College to inspire younger players. These exceptional, durable courts will be popular for after-hours use by community teams, too, contributing a welcome source of income to the school budget.

All-weather TigerTurf Advantage sails serenely through trying climatic conditions

High winds, torrential rain, and icy conditions delayed our progress during the project. The TigerTurf installation team regained lost time by working on this project during the school term. As always, all Health and Safety precautions were taken to ensure all students and staff were safe during this process. TigerTurf congratulates the Nayland College community on a successful project that produced this wonderful sports centre to open new opportunities for the students to excel and expand their learning.

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