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The brilliant new TigerTurf Trophy multi-use court has proved to be the perfect multi-purpose turf for Papatoetoe North Primary School. The students give this durable, irresistible beauty a joyously comprehensive workout at every opportunity and the school thoroughly appreciates the many opportunities this area has created for the students and teachers.



Icon - September 2021

Date Project Completed

September 2021

Icon - 51.6m x 27.0m = 1393 Sqm


51.6m x 27.0m = 1393 Sqm

Icon - Trophy



Icon - Uplift and Disposal, Scarify, Re- grade, small amount of new PAP7, TigerBond


Uplift and Disposal, Scarify, Re- grade, small amount of new PAP7, TigerBond

A modern, richly coloured technical TigerTurf Trophy multi-sport solved several problems

A modern, richly coloured technical TigerTurf Trophy multi-sport solved several problems

Papatoetoe North Primary School had inadequate outdoor areas for the growing school roll, a problem we solved with a spectacular, multi-functional TigerTurf Trophy court.

The court in front of the large classroom block is used for play, meetings, and school assemblies. The existing TigerTurf turf had been an excellent surface in its prime but become worn by many years of constant use. The thin surface now allowed sand to migrate into classrooms with the students after assemblies and playtimes and time had faded its once bright, fresh colour.
TigerTurf Trophy is a superb multi-sport turf – Accredited FIH National, ITF and AENA (netball)

TigerTurf Trophy is a superb multi-sport turf – Accredited FIH National, ITF and AENA (netball)

Papatoetoe North Primary School wanted a high-quality TigerTurf multi-purpose court that could be used every day of the year. TigerTurf Trophy is one of our most popular surfaces for schools and clubs. Beautiful, incredibly durable and highly technical, Trophy comes in a brilliant selection of colours that lends itself to striking, individual designs. Playground games, sports courts and general use areas come to life in clear, bright, colourful designs and texture, and, above all, with busy, noisy students at vigorous play every day of the year.

TigerTurf Trophy offers schools an impressive portfolio of qualities that give lasting value

Our construction team began by removing the old turf, and then repaired and upgraded the base construction with improved stability and drainage, applied TigerBond for extra strength, topping it all off with the bright blue surface.

The TigerTurf Trophy court resonates in shimmering blues, the rich blue central playing area defined by a lighter sea-blue border. As well as a strikingly handsome playground, the school now has a modern, technical multi-turf with incredible durability woven into its structure.

Sheltered by the existing canopy from the vagaries of seasonal weather, the students now have a clean, comfortable area to sit on during assemblies and snack times. Because our grass turfs absorb sound better than a hard surface does, it is possible for discussion and drama groups to use the area while other classes work indoors. 

TigerTurf Trophy requires only a minimal level of sand infill; therefore, very little sand will be carried into classrooms and family cars. The court is non-abrasive and safe for play in all weather.


TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for multi-sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for hockey* and tennis and meets the exacting standards
of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well as being ITF fast paced certified.


TigerTurf works with the Ministry of Education Watershed Projects for schools

TigerTurf has a good working relationship with Watershed Property Projects, a Ministry of Education funding department that assists schools to bring their school facilities up to the necessary standard for the modern New Zealand curriculum.

The many school projects we carry out under the aegis of the Ministry of Education Watershed funding contact flow smoothly and pleasantly from the initial briefing through to a successful completion. This project was made simple, as always, by the positive attitude we shared with the Watershed funding administrator.

The perfect TigerTurf Trophy court is a multi-purpose, all-weather, low-maintenance asset 

Papatoetoe North Primary School now has a top-quality, versatile multi-use court for curricular, recreational and general school activities. 

From the initial discussion to the installation of the new Trophy surface, this was a rewarding project to work on. TigerTurf especially enjoys our school projects, working on designs to give students colourful, top-quality all-weather sports and recreation areas that reward serious sports practice and give lasting value to the school.

As a bonus, this school’s eye-catching TigerTurf multi-use court promises endless fun for play and PE, and we certainly shared the enthusiasm and delight of the school community as we completed the project during the busy school days, despite delays for weather.

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