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Parawai School

The vibrant TigerTurf multi-purpose sports centre at Parawai School has been greeted with
tremendous enthusiasm by the school community as it celebrates its 50th Jubilee this year. TigerTurf is
delighted to have been part of this special year.





Icon - September 2017

Date Project Completed

September 2017

Icon - 2,100m2



Icon - TigerTurf Classic


TigerTurf Classic

Icon - Existing Concrete Base


Existing Concrete Base

The Parawai School Story

The Parawai School Story

The existing uneven, worn concrete courts at the centre of Parawai School were no longer safe, causing painful grazes
to small hands and feet, especially in wet weather.
Safe, Colourful And Fully Multi-Functional

Safe, Colourful And Fully Multi-Functional

TigerTurf was invited to suggest possible
solutions. We love the challenge of turning
unused school grounds into the lively
focal point of a school, including many
sports and games that hadn’t previously
been accommodated within the school.
Parawai School asked us to plan a safe,
functional sports area that could be used
all year round.
We were particularly excited about our
opportunity to transform the school courts
into a brilliant new sports centre during
the Jubilee year.

TigerTurf Classic

TigerTurf Classic is a great choice for tennis courts
in junior schools, and for apartments, resorts and
recreational family tennis.
It is a medium pile, sand filled, fibrillated tennis
surface, designed for recreational tennis and multisport

Durable And Colourful

Multi-sports turfs bring many more sports into play

TigerTurf approached this project (as we do every school brief) with enthusiasm, using our expertise to exceed the expectations of the school community, and delight the children with their new brightly coloured, multi-use courts for recreational and competitive play.

Our installation team repaired the concrete surface to form a stable base that drains well to keep the TigerTurf Classic surface playable throughout the wettest of seasons. Not forgetting that the Coromandel’s famously beautiful forests flourish in a notoriously wet climate.

TigerTurf Classic multi-sports surface is durable and colourful
TigerTurf Classic provides a high standard of playing surface for all the sports, games and activities junior school children enjoy so much. It is also one of our popular, durable multi-sports turfs, which will retain its playing qualities for the next 15 years; an excellent investment for schools.

Classic is available in brilliant colours that vibrate with energy at the heart of Parawai School, enticing the children out to play joyously at every opportunity.

The splendid new school sports centre offers tennis, hockey, futsal, netball and basketball teams top quality playing surfaces for training and competition all year round. The rate of injuries has fallen, while the rate of use has shot up, and the school hockey turf has been warmly  welcomed by the Thames community, which shares our passion for hockey.

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