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The multi-sport, multi-coloured TigerTurf Trophy court has brought the Poroti School grounds to life in cheerful colours radiating vitality and energy.

The fresh, soft texture of the bright new TigerTurf Trophy multi-sport court at Poroti School engages the students in sports activities, creative play, and hours of happy fun together.

Poroti School asked TigerTurf to replace the worn out asphalt court with a colourful modern multi-sport court suitable for netball, basketball, PE and general sports activities.

We worked with the school on the best design using TigerTurf Trophy for the court surface. Incredibly durable, Trophy has been designed as a technical multi-sport surface with excellent qualities for every level of play.

The school’s bright green and blue Trophy multi-sport court is permanently marked for three different sports, with a new dual netball and basketball hoop for extra fun.





Icon - Sept 2021

Date Project Completed

Sept 2021

Icon - 31.6m x 19.0m = 600 Sqm


31.6m x 19.0m = 600 Sqm

Icon - Trophy



Icon - Base Patching and Turf Installation, Dual Netball/Basketball Hoop


Base Patching and Turf Installation, Dual Netball/Basketball Hoop

Transform unused areas with easy-care, all-weather, irresistible TigerTurf

Transform unused areas with easy-care, all-weather, irresistible TigerTurf

The existing asphalt court was worn to the point of posing a safety risk, no longer suitable for school sports or play. A problem common to the previous generation of school asphalt courts that were well used in their day; but now, as the surfaces deteriorate and break up, they have become trip hazards, with ponding and puddles lingering after rain on the uneven playground.

Happily, TigerTurf sports surfaces offer schools and clubs a glorious array of colours to create colourful, purpose-designed multi-purpose, all-weather synthetic sports surfaces. Our turf surfaces are safe for use in all weather throughout the year and look gorgeous for many years with minimal care – no wonder TigerTurf is in demand throughout the world.


TigerTurf Trophy is a dressed surface designed for multi- sport use in schools and clubs. It is excellent for hockey* and tennis and meets the exacting standards of an FIH National category sand dressed field as well as being ITF fast paced certified. It also provides consistent performance for sports such as basketball, netball and playgrounds, as well as a brilliant multi-purpose surface suitable for general Gym use.


TigerTurf Trophy is a brilliant multi-functional sports surface for schools.

Durable, all-weather, multi-use, the reputation of TigerTurf Trophy’s outstanding qualities has placed it amongst our most loved turf products.

TigerTurf Trophy has the technical qualities required for ball sports, games and general activities, and is produced with a modern, specialised fibre that is markedly less abrasive than fibres used in standard synthetic turfs.

Trophy meets the high standards for FIH (Federation of International Hockey) certified sand-dressed hockey fields and is ITF (International Tennis Federation) certified as a fast-paced surface. This hard-working TigerTurf sports surface is frequently installed for basketball, netball, playgrounds and gyms, in schools and clubs, and is a beautiful turf for residential tennis and multi-sports courts. 

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