Pukekohe High School Childcare Centre
Pukekohe High School Childcare Centre

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Pukekohe High School Childcare Centre

The Pukekohe Childcare centre has a bright, fresh TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR playground, with the extra protection of
the PowerPlay shock pad providing the essential safe Critical Fall Height throughout the playground, allowing the
children to take their climbing and swinging games to new heights.





Icon - May 2022

Date Project Completed

May 2022

Icon - 96m2



Icon - Vista 35 XWR, 35mm PowerPlay  Shock Pad


Vista 35 XWR, 35mm PowerPlay Shock Pad

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TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR landscape lawn

TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR landscape lawn

TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR is made from the incredibly durable TenCate Grass XWR yarn, and features a dense, green thatch for extended durability in situations that are subject to frequent vigorous use.

An attractive summer green lawn, TigerTurf Vista closely resembles natural grass, with the benefit of remaining soft, clean and comfortable all year round with very little maintenance.

No longer are woodchips and dirt carried indoors nor do children have dirty, uncomfortable wet patches on clothes. The staff and parents are nearly as delighted with the new playground as the children are, though the children are noisier and friskier in their happy appreciation of the soft green lawn.
TigerTurf 35mm PowerPlay shock pads beneath TigerTurf playgrounds for safe play

TigerTurf 35mm PowerPlay shock pads beneath TigerTurf playgrounds for safe play

The technical design of the durable, consistent 35mm PowerPlay shock pad beneath the TigerTurf Vista 35 lawn provides the children with safer playing conditions in every part of their TigerTurf playground surface. The PowerPlay shock pad will not move around beneath the TigerTurf Vista 35 lawn, but forms a long-term, consistent level of 35mm safety for the Childcare Centre. Now, the children can enjoy the challenge of climbing up to 1.9 m high and the staff can relax while watching their busy young charges.

TigerTurf Vista 35 has created a smooth clean lawn for the children to enjoy every day

Previously, the playground surface was a layer of woodchip, which was not sufficiently safe to protect children from falls off climbing platforms. The woodchip needed constant tidying, becoming messy in winter months and, when wet, unpleasant for young children to play in. Woodchip needs to be topped up and spread frequently to maintain safe levels of protection throughout the playground, creating extra work for staff. The level of woodchip shifts during play, causing a concerning risk of injury to the children.

Vista 35 XWR

Artificial lawn in commercial and residential spaces is becoming increasingly popular.
TigerTurf’s Vista 35 XWR is a beautiful and authentic
alternative to natural grass manufactured from TenCate’s XWR fibre for high durability. The medium blade and high-density thatch provide a soft and
comfortable feel under foot with colours that accurately replicate real grass.

Vista 35 XWR

The velvet green, high-performance TigerTurf Vista playground has reliable drainage

TigerTurf excavated 300mm of woodchip from the playground as this decomposes over time, and any left beneath the new PowerPlay shock pad and TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR lawn surface would create an irregular surface, causing a trip hazard and unsafe critical fall levels. 

The TigerTurf installation team built an aggregate base of 250mm with timber edging to establish a level depth, and constructed subsoil drains to draw rainwater off the playground to maintain a dry playing surface.

The improved drainage of the reconstructed playground has brought additional benefits to the Childcare Centre. On their new all-weather TigerTurf playground, the children can now be back in action soon after rain – this playground is going to be enjoyed by everyone, every day of the year.

The TigerTurf team installed the 35mm PowerPlay shock pad over the base, providing a reassuring safe Critical Fall Height up to 1.9mm. We topped the shock pad with our handsome, hard-wearing TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR landscape lawn. The finished high-performance playground surface closely resembles a beautifully manicured natural grass lawn but will keep its star appearance for many years of enjoyable play with only a minimal tidying routine.

The bright, clean adventure playground at the Pukekohe High School Childcare Centre is now safe for play at the correct, consistent Critical Fall Height Level throughout the entire playground. With high performance drainage to maintain a dry surface, this will be an inviting playground for the children to enjoy all year round.

TigerTurf enjoyed this rewarding playground project, proud of achieving a successful installation for the Pukekohe High School Childcare Centre despite the difficulties encountered during the 2021 Covid outbreaks and ensuing lockdown periods interrupting progress and site visits.

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