Rangiora BCs GreenWeave woven surface
Rangiora BCs GreenWeave woven surface

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Rangiora BCs GreenWeave woven surface

TigerTurf set the ball rolling again for Rangiora Bowling Club by replacing its storm-damaged turf with a Tigerweave surface. “This is the Rolls Royce of synthetic playing surfaces,” said Peter Smith, vice-president of the club.



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April 2014

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The Rolls Royce of synthetic playing surfaces

The Rolls Royce of synthetic playing surfaces

Rangiora Bowling Club is extremely proud of its world-class synthetic green, recently installed by TigerTurf. The previous turf suffered extensive damage in the 2013 wind storm that bowled the club’s equipment shed across the turf surface, tearing it irreparably.
Rangiora Bowling club back on top of its game

Rangiora Bowling club back on top of its game

TigerTurf excavated the site to repair and strengthen the base, and establish good drainage, before installing the Greenweave bowling turf that has put the Rangiora Bowling club back on top of its game. The TigerTurf Greenweave surface incorporates a laser-controlled, engineered base that ensures a true, consistent surface. The comfort pad installed under the durable Greenweave surface gives perfect draw and speed.


TigerTurf rebranded its GreenWeave product in 2019. TigerTurf’s TigerWeave is a non-filled woven surface manufactured by world-renowned Greengauge Surfaces Ltd exclusively for TigerTurf. TigerWeave is the ideal surface for bowlers, throughout a 12-month season. To ensure a top-quality, low maintenance and fast-draining surface, TigerTurf delivers a complete system including site preparation, installation of drainage, sub-base construction, application of TigerBond, comfort pad installation, surface installation, and post-project service and speed testing.


The club celebrated by running a tournament to introduce neighbouring clubs to the new turf and to promote the RBC’s winter tournaments. Peter Smith, club vice-president explains, “We wanted to encourage neighbouring club members to take up winter memberships at RBC, and to demonstrate the superior playing conditions offered by the Greenweave surface.”

He went on to say, “The tournament was a sell-out, with a very strong field. All commented very favourably on the playing surface…our winter fields are now full.” The Rangiora Bowling club’s new TigerTurf surface was featured in the local newspaper, in which Peter Smith was quoted: “I don’t know of any other synthetic greens in Canterbury with New Zealand Bowls or World Bowls accreditation. … This is the Rolls Royce of synthetic playing surfaces,” Mr Smith said proudly.

Pat McElwain, the club secretary, said: “The new surface, considered to be the best all-weather system, is beautiful.” The club will now be able to host international contests and feels sure the new green will help to attract new members. It will also be hired out to other clubs as well, a further boost to the club revenues. The new TigerTurf Greenweave surface has been a great investment for the Rangiora Bowling Club.

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