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Riverhead School is the first of many schools to discover the outstanding qualities of TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR (Extreme Wear Resistance). TigerTurf’s most advanced, incredibly durable, landscape lawn has been designed to withstand the challenges of school life while presenting a perfectly groomed lawn ready for play. A safe, dry lawn for PE and curricular activities, the warm green Vista 35 XWR is the perfect stage for street theatre, a spontaneous hockey or soccer pitch, and an inviting picnic lawn.

The new TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR lawn has created attractive, multi-functional play areas around the classroom blocks at Riverhead School. The previous natural grass areas were wet and muddy in winter, dry and dusty in summer – not practical for everyday school use and frequent access to and from classrooms. Despite regular maintenance, the natural grass lawn could never withstand the demands of school use and challenging weather conditions, rendering it off-limits at times.


Commercial Landscaping

Icon - June 2022

Date Project Completed

June 2022

Icon - 66 m2 + 112 m2


66 m2 + 112 m2

Icon - Vista 35 XWR


Vista 35 XWR

Icon - 100mm Aggregate Base


100mm Aggregate Base

TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR is an advanced, durable landscape lawn for school use

TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR is an advanced, durable landscape lawn for school use

After much research and testing, TigerTurf introduced Vista 35 XWR to the market in time for Riverhead to be the first New Zealand school to benefit from this lawn’s remarkable attributes.

An all-weather surface, as are all TigerTurf landscape products, TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR is a superb, incredibly durable multi-use lawn for schools to use alongside classrooms for all school activities.

The dense, comfortable lawn is a dry, non-itchy grass for students to sit on for outdoor learning and group discussions, during break times for snacks and play. PE, lunchtime hockey, volleyball and other spontaneous games will be more fun on TigerTurf Vista lawns.

And after students are back in class, they can enjoy their view of the golden green playground, perfectly tidy after the hardest workouts, in all weather.
Now the playground is ready for all activities, every day, with very little maintenance apart from the tidying at the end of the school day.
The first school project using TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR

The first school project using TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR

TigerTurf began the project by excavating and disposing of soil in order to lay sub-soil drainage before constructing the free-draining base over which we installed the TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR lawn surface. 

The transformation from the previously unserviceable grass to the handsome, serene TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR lawn brings innumerable benefits to the school and students:

TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR is the best synthetic lawn available for school grounds

  • Vista 35 XWR is one of the most durable all-purpose lawns for high-use access and play areas
  • All-weather multi-purpose landscape grass surface for class-time and recreation
  • Low-maintenance lawn with a neat, manicured appearance all year
  • Longer outdoor hours every day for students and teachers
  • Clean and safe access to classrooms in wet weather and the hottest summers
  • Attractive always, lifting the appearance of school grounds, inviting social interaction, casual sports, games and compliments
  • TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR adds value to school grounds in terms of appearance, fewer hours of maintenance, suitable for many school and class activities, the perfect lawn around classrooms for high use every day – clean, safe and beautiful for longer than any other lawn.

Vista 35 XWR

Artificial lawn in commercial and residential spaces is
becoming increasingly popular.
TigerTurf’s Vista 35 XWR is a beautiful and authentic alternative to natural grass manufactured from TenCate’s XWR fibre for high durability. The medium blade and high-density thatch provide a soft and comfortable feel under foot with colours that accurately replicate real grass.

Vista 35 XWR

TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR is perhaps the most durable, all-purpose lawn on the market

TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR is manufactured from XWR fibre, an extremely durable yarn producing a high-density thatch that creates a more resilient lawn than any other landscape lawn on the market. The extremely hard-wearing XWR yarn makes this the perfect all-purpose lawn for schools, especially around classrooms.

The sun-kissed glow of TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR arises from threads of summer gold woven into the structure amidst the dense rich green yarn blades. In landscapes, Vista closely resembles a natural lawn in superb condition. In every season, the students and staff will enjoy their view of a warm, welcoming playground.

Crutches, wheelchairs are safe and easy to use on Vista 35 XWR, and pushchairs can be pushed across the lawn easily.

TigerTurf Vista 35 XWR will bring unusable areas of your school grounds into all-year use and will future-proof them for just about any school activity the curriculum might introduce and your school requires.

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