Rodney College, Wellsford
Rodney College, Wellsford

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Rodney College, Wellsford

Rodney College chose colourful, all-weather TigerTurf sports turfs to bring two unused areas into play by turning worn, grey, unloved asphalt surfaces into brilliant multi-functional sports areas to inspire a lasting love for sport. The cheerful new sports grounds shimmer with kinetic energy as students set about discovering why TigerTurf Advantage and Trophy multi-sports surfaces are the rock stars of high-performance sports turfs for high schools.

Two TigerTurf multi-sport high-performance sports turfs represent long-term value for Rodney College, opening opportunities for students to experience more sports, with longer playing hours for sports timetables, every day of the year, in all weather. The durability and longevity of the sports surface is a significant factor too, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

After exploring the possibilities offered for development, the project was defined: to renovate a worn, grey asphalt netball court in the centre of the grounds, and to turn a worn car park into a fantastic new multi-sport pitch introducing new sports for the students to try – Hockey, Tennis and Pickle Ball to name a few.

The complex requirements of each site necessitated clever planning. TigerTurf worked with the school’s project manager on designs that included several ball sports. TigerTurf Advantage and TigerTurf Trophy were selected for their multi-sports and durability qualities, each a good match for the site and function, with advanced technology to give sports teams a responsive, consistent performance.
The TigerTurf team renovated both existing surfaces with base patching and channel drains to produce the free-draining, stable base required for our top sports surfaces.



Icon - August 2021

Date Project Completed

August 2021

Icon - Area 1 (Netball Court) – 600 Sqm , Area 2 (Hockey) – 1340 Sqm


Area 1 (Netball Court) – 600 Sqm , Area 2 (Hockey) – 1340 Sqm

Icon - Area 1 (Netball Court) – Trophy , Area 2 (Hockey) – 10mm Rubber & Advantage


Area 1 (Netball Court) – Trophy , Area 2 (Hockey) – 10mm Rubber & Advantage

Icon - Base Patching, Channel Drains for both areas, fencing for Area 2


Base Patching, Channel Drains for both areas, fencing for Area 2

TigerTurf Advantage multi-use hockey pitch

TigerTurf Advantage multi-use hockey pitch

The redundant parking area at front of the college has been turned to advantage as an impressive TigerTurf Advantage smooth green hockey field with a specialised 10mm BSW Regupol Rubber Shock Pad beneath the playing surface to reduce impact and fall injuries.

A new access road runs along the side of the facility to take occasional service vehicles safely around the pitch, but mainly to give students a safe route that avoids the busy hockey field.

The TigerTurf Advantage multi-sport turf features a carefully balanced design that positions five pickleball courts and a netball court within the hockey pitch. Each sport is defined by the colour of the line markings and playing area for each sport.

TigerTurf Trophy netball and basketball court

TigerTurf Trophy netball and basketball court

The old grey asphalt netball court has dawned bright and sunny with a superb all-weather Trophy court surface in a glorious sapphire blue. A top-quality netball and basketball court for class sports and games, for recreational fun, and for more competitive action.

Two colourful clever multi-use sports areas for the students at Rodney College – and they love them.

TigerTurf Trophy

TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is a medium-pile, sand-filled tennis surface. TigerTurf Tournament 1000 is a durable, low maintenance tennis surface and has been one of our most popular tennis surfaces, particularly in schools, for over 30 years. It is a medium pile, sand filled, fibrillated surface; hard-wearing, long-lasting and designed for clubs and multi-sport use in schools that have high usage on their courts.


TigerTurf BSW Regupol Rubber Shock Pad

The TigerTurf Regupol Rubber Shock Pad has been developed for use beneath synthetic turfs with sand or sand with rubber infilled artificial turf surfaces. These technically advanced shock pads are manufactured in Germany specifically to reduce the force of repeated impact on players’ joints and ligaments.

The specialised formula used to produce these outstanding Regupol shock pads uses enormous pressure to bind polyurethane and rubber granules into the most consistent shock pad on the international market. This immense pressure engenders cohesive strength within the structure of the shock pad for consistent long-term performance, allowing the pad to be reused beneath several replacement synthetic turf surfaces as it will provide the same high level of force reduction through years of use.

BSW’s 10mm Regupol shock pad is used as part of our sports turf systems for many sports because the elastic, cushioned under-layers create the best conditions for every sport at every level of performance. It will also extend the life expectancy and high performance of your sports surface and allow players to play harder for longer, safely.

Regupol is resistant to any adverse effects of weather, and will not rot, become brittle or hard over time. It will continue to offer the same high level of elasticity for additional comfort and cushioning.

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